breaking up with your partner in relationships

Relationship break ups in relationships can be very painful all the time but its better to break up with your partner when you are still in dating or courtship stage when you have realised that he or she is the wrong one for you even though you love him or her than to hold on to your partner only for your marriage to end up in divorce because a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage!
Sometimes in a relationship… there comes a
point… When you have to break free of your
bond and end it all.
You feel so bad doing this but you still have
to find all the courage within yourself to
severe the ties because you don’t want to lose
respect for your love.
Letting go is hard but holding on to someone
who doesn’t care about your feelings is even
worse. You have to give up on your love when
you realize that you have to live for yourself
and for your self-respect and you are not here
to live a shattered life.
So break free of a relationship that is making
you unhappy.
Just be BRAVE and move on it is never the
end of life…

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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