the biblical perspective : examination malpractice

Only those who endure till the end shall be

GOD helps those who help themselves is a
saying by many people to justify their
inordinate actions. This aphorism has been
misused and bastardised by many to achieve
success not only in crime but in examinations.
God helps those who…… Is biblical which
simply means that God blesses ones genuine
effort to succeed even where many think it is
difficult and impossible. Many a student has
understood this saying as justification for
examination malpractice(cooperation) in order
to pass an examination. Definitely, this is
. . . It pains me that many go as far as relying
on their friend , small paper in their pocket
and many other things in the hall than
trusting the LORD. Is it a normal thing to
follow the practice of the crowd or following
the commands of God?
Most of my reference will come from the book
of 2chronicles.
First take a look at Jehoshaphat in 2chro 17
vs 4
. . . . . . ” But sought the God of his father and
followed his command rather than the
practices of Israel”.
Due to this act by Jehoshaphat even his
enemies served him. This is because he was
committed to God. Take a look at Asa,he
trusted in God when vast army of cushites
surrounded him. Due to his prayers in verse 11
of chapter of 14, in verse 12
. . . ”The LORD struck down the cushites
before Asa and Judah. The cushites fled”
When you are committed to God, your strength
in all things is full.
2chro 16 vs 9a
for the eyes of the LORD range throughout the
earth to strengthen those whose heart are fully
committed to him ”.
God those not chose for us rather we chose for
our self the action to take. We can only make
our choice but CANNOT determine the
consequence. The same implies in the exam
hall. You chose to do what ever you want but
you can not chose the consequence or effect.
Ahab made a choice he never knew it will lead
to his death. 2chro 18.
Asa who once trusted in God, relied on another
king to win his opponent. What was his
consequence 2chro 16 vs 9b
”you have done a foolish thing and from now
on you will be at war ”
What pains me the most is that many will
pray before an exam God i trust in you in this
examination. Later right in the hall they will
be struggling to sit with one particular person.
In other words diverting the trust to the
person. Many will seek help from different
people when the exam becomes too difficult
just like Asa did in chapter 16. No matter
what happens in the hall always bear in mind
”it is far more honourable to fail than to
i will never forget the saying by Rev. Fr.
Gabriel Ezema, the chaplain ll of st. Peters
chaplaincy University of Nigeria Nsukka, he
said and i quote
” An examination can only change your result
but cannot change your destiny”.
Surely, it is better to fail an examination and
bring Glory to God. Just like in the days of
daniel, the 3 Hebrew men and so many others.
Do not forsake the LORD because of an
examination. 2chronicle15vs2b
” the LORD is with you when you are with him,
if you seek him he will be found by you, but if
you forsake him, he will forsake you.”
I give Glory to God whom by his grace you
were able to read this write up till this point.
Thank you.
Remain in his love by obeying his command.
Dont participate in exam malpractice because it is a sin since it compromises the integrity of an exam . God is against it!