dont judge others

don’t judge others

you’re a virgin, you masturbate in
secret but you condemn unmarried
people who have indiscriminate sx..
Why are you better?
You don’t drink alcohol but in your
private you smoke all kinds of weed
and grass..How are you better?
You dress moderately but in your
private chats with the opposite s
you send your indecent photos, But
you condemn those who act
p*rnography for commercial
purposes. How are you better?

don’t judge others

She wears trouser and skimpy
clothes, You wear long skirts like
somebody I know, but you lack
character…. How are you better?
He paid for his exams to be written
for him, you wrote for yourself with
the aid of malpractice, Why should
you judge him?
You copy from books and post it on
Facebook to receive compliments,
and they copy from you and you
keep shouting “PLAGIARISM” Who
are you deceiving?

don’t judge others

You’re in a relationship, you’re not
cheating but each time you see a
beautiful woman, you claim single..
What are you doing?
I wrote this and people feel I’m
better, why ain’t they wrong?
You read this piece and pass
judgement on me. But you never
knew your last days… Who are you
to judge?

don’t judge others

Never pass judgement on others
unless you are perfect yourself.
I’ve realised that most judgement we
pass on others are judgements we
deserve if there’s careful evaluation.

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