why worry when you can pray???

                   why worry when you can pray?

a lot of us have formed the habit of having a pessimistic outlook in life or worrying too much but I have discovered that worrying can never solve your problem ,it only makes you troubles double ! and that was why Jesus asked us to stop worrying because he carETH for you
according to Wikipedia , Worry refers to the thoughts, images and
emotions of a negative nature in which mental
attempts are made[vague ] to avoid anticipated
potential threats.As an emotion it is
experienced as anxiety or concern about a real
or imagined issue, often personal issues such
as health or finances, or broader issues such
as environmental pollution and social or
technological change. Most people experience
short-lived periods of worry in their lives
without incident; indeed, a moderate amount
of worrying may even have positive effects, if
it prompts people to take precautions (e.g.,
fastening their seat belt or buying fire
insurance) or avoid risky behaviours (e.g.,
angering dangerous animals, or binge
drinking ).

Excessive worry is the main component of
generalized anxiety disorder
Anxiety manifests itself in multiple ways and
does not discriminate by age, gender, or race.
Stressful events such as a test or a job
interview can make anyone feel a bit anxious.
And sometimes, a little worry or anxiety is
helpful. It can help you get ready for an
upcoming situation. For instance, if you’re
preparing for a job interview, a little worry or
anxiety may push you to find out more about
the position. Then you can present yourself
more professionally to the potential employer.
Worrying about a test may help you study
more and be more prepared on test day.
But excessive worriers react quickly and
intensely to these stressful situations or
triggers. Even thinking about the situation can
cause chronic worriers great distress and
disability. Excessive worry or ongoing fear or
anxiety is harmful when it becomes so
irrational that you can’t focus on reality or
think clearly. People with high anxiety have
difficulty shaking their worries. When that
happens, they may experience actual physical

Can Excessive Worry Make Me Physically Ill?
Chronic worry and emotional stress can
trigger a host of health problems. The problem
occurs when fight or flight is triggered daily by
excessive worrying and anxiety. The fight or
flight response causes the body’s sympathetic
nervous system to release stress hormones
such as cortisol. These hormones can boost
blood sugar levels and triglycerides ( blood
fats) that can be used by the body for fuel.
The hormones also cause physical reactions
such as:
Difficulty swallowing
Dry mouth
Fast heartbeat
Inability to concentrate
Muscle aches
Muscle tension
Nervous energy
Rapid breathing
Shortness of breath
Trembling and twitching
When the excessive fuel in the blood isn’t
used for physical activities, the chronic
anxiety and outpouring of stress hormones
can have serious physical consequences,
Suppression of the immune system
Digestive disorders
Muscle tension
Short-term memory loss
Premature coronary artery disease
Heart attack
If excessive worrying and high anxiety go
untreated, they can lead to depression and
even suicidal thoughts.
Although these effects are a response tou
stress, stress is simply the trigger. Whether or
not you become ill depends on how you
handle stress. Physical responses to stress
involve your immune system, your heart and
blood vessels, and how certain glands in your
body secrete hormones. These hormones help
to regulate various functions in your body,
such as brain function and nerve impulses.
All of these systems interact and are
profoundly influenced by your coping style and
your psychological state. It isn’t the stress
that makes you ill. Rather, it’s the effect
responses such as excessive worrying and
anxiety have on these various interacting
systems that can bring on the physical illness.
There are things you can do, though, including
lifestyle changes, to alter the way you

. Another step
to reduce worry is to make a plan and take
action and take “care of your brain” by
sleeping enough, getting exercise, and eating
a healthy diet (without a “lot of carbs, junk
food, alcohol, drugs, etc). Hallowell
encourages worriers to get “regular doses of
positive human contact” such as “a hug or a
warm pat on the back.”
the. summary of everything is stop worrying ,pray ,feel free to discuss your problems with others because worrying about it alone can. not solve anything.!

A stressed man was in his office thinking deeply.
Suddenly one man ran inside shouting “Paul, Paul,
Paul your daughter Swanta just had an accident and
died!” Shocked and confused, He jumped out of his
office through the window. As soon as he does, he
remembered his office is on the 7th floor, as he
descends lower, he remembered he
doesn’t have a daughter called Swanta, still
descending, he remembered he’s not even married,
just 2 floors b4 he hits the ground, he remembered
his name is not actually Paul…!
Luckily for him, he fell on a Lorry carrying foams….
Stop thinking too much in this world of troubles..
God is always in control.. Relax, Grab a glass of
chilled Juice, and also keep praying until something
Remember this:

written by Gods power excellence nwachukwu

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