funny and fresh nigerian jokes and punchlines .1

hahaha I love listening to funny nigerian comedians like basketmouth,Gordons,bovi and the rest.
some fresh Nigerian funny punchlines include:

1.bill gate’s/”Dangote’s daughter cheated on me and you
say I
should break up? Don’t you know that Love is
all about
forgiveness.#tongues_out. #money_things_on_point

2.Beloved sisters in the Lord, if your boyfriend
can finish
5 loafs of bread and 2 fishes; you are dating

  1. How can a pastor be preaching about
    charity and put
    a password on Church WIFI? #i_wonder_o #all_these_township_pastor’s_self

3.A boy I beat up back then in primary school is
now in
the US Army. He poses with guns on
Facebook, and it
looks like he hasn’t forgotten. #pls_should_I_run_away_from_Facebook? were sitting in a church during a church service and the pastor asked everyone to turn to their neighbour and say ” neighbour ! God shall make you a landlord in that house where you are living” ! and you turn to your neighbour only to find out that he is your landlord, #what_will_you_do

5.One stone is enough to break a glass, one
word is
enough to break a heart, one second is enough
to fall
in love BUT Why is one chapter not enough to

6.When you see a Nigerian couple outside
staring at the moon, It’s either NEPA
(Nigeria’s Electricity company)
took the light or they are waiting for the smell
of the
insecticide to subside. #its_not_romantic_love_that_you_see_in_movies_my_dear. hahahaha

7.I just saw a Tricycle (Keke Napep) with an
“Trust No woman” I have a feeling that guy
once had a
range rover. #never_trust_a_runsgirl_or_a_materialistic_ girl

8.If you want to change the world,
do it now that you
are still single, because when you get married,
can’t even change the T.V station.

good evening pals

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