mob justice and lynching

I have heard lots of terrible stories about
humans been burnt alive and i decided to do a
little research about this phenomen before
voicing my opinion. you can google some of the stories to see pictures,stories and videos of men and women that were stripped naked,lynched and burnt alive all in the name of jungle justice.
jungle justice has really taken an ugly trend in Africa,from the nude stripping of girls that stole one petty commodity,lynching of innocent men and women to the brutal burning of a men and women that are still breathing to death . I have been present on two occasions where it happened, I saw it in Nara town located in nkanu east local government of Enugu state and in ezzamgbo which is located. in ebonyi state . brethren its really horrible watching a living human being like me and you struggling to breath in the midst of hot flames while an irate mob cheer like a bunch of ancient cannibals . I know some of the people that were burnt to death committed one crime or the other and as a Christian I don’t support and form of crime but I still think that setting a human being that is still breathing is one of the greatest crimes of inhumanity . there are other ways of killing /punishing a rat than this . please everyone should stop taking laws into their hands.
Death by burning simply means deliberately
causing death through the effects of
combustion, or effects of exposure to extreme
heat, has a long history as a form of capital
punishment. Many societies have employed it
as an execution method for such crimes as
treason, rebellious actions by slaves, heresy,
witchcraftand perceived sexual deviancy, such
as incest or homosexuality. The best known
type of executions of death by burning is when
the condemned is bound to a large wooden
stake. This is usually calledburning at the
stake(or, in some cases, auto-da-fé). But other
forms of death resulting from exposure to
extreme heat are known, not only by exposure
to flames or burning materials. For example,
pouring substances, such as molten metal,
onto a person (or down his throat or into his
ears) are attested, as well as enclosing
persons within, or attaching them to, metal
contraptions subsequently heated.Immersionin
a heated liquid as a form of execution is
reviewed in Death by boiling.
Cause of death
For burnings at the stake, if the fire was large
(for instance, when a number of prisonerswere
executedat the same time), death often came
from carbon monoxide poisoningbefore flames
actually caused harm to the body. If the fire
was small, however, the convict would burn for
some time until death from heatstroke, shock,
the loss of blood and/or simply the thermal
decompositionof vital body parts.
Practices like this started long ago and
unfortunately it was passed along to the
younger generation. It’s practiced in nations
like india, nigeria and palestine {not legal
though} where a young teen was burnt
alive.death by burning is used as punishment
for criminals but the truth is that there is
crime so severe to merit death by
burning,there are other forms of punishment
that can be used,please lets do our best to
discourage this deadly trend.

writer: God’spower excellence nwachukwu

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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