meet mr williams masvinu the most ugly man in the land of Zimbabwe | pictured

picture ugliest man in zimbabwe

ugly picture #ugly contest

His name is ugly Mr William Masvinu and this ladies man #winks has won this terrific title three consecutive times as the ugliest man in the history of Zimbabwe and even though there has been lots of competition from other ugly guys that has been trying to take this title from him so far so good none has been able to do so .
William Masvinu is eager to hold onto his title
because being the reigning champ makes him
popular with the ladies.
Masvinu had hoped his triple wins would bring
in advertising offers, but so far the offers have
not materialized. He still works hauling
groceries for $10 a day, but that could change
as word of Zimbabwe’s Mr. Ugly competition

Author: HandsomebeautyGarden

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