15 most interesting psychology facts

  1. Most people have a favorite song because
    they associate it with an emotional event in
    their lives.

  2. Studies have shown that spending money
    on others provides more happiness than
    spending it on yourself.
    ( 9 common misconceptions about money

3.psychology has proven that certain religious
practices like prayer and attending services is
associated with lower psychological distress

  1. Music affects the way you perceive the way people perceive the world. The type of songs that you listen to on your playlist influences your subconscious and how you think .

  2. If you remember a past event, you’re
    actually remembering the last time you
    remembered it rather than the event itself.

  3. Intelligent people are more likely to
    underestimate themselves, while ignorant
    people are more likely to believe they’re

  4. By surrounding yourself with happier
    people, you’ll become happier too. ( how to boost your happiness hormones )

  5. While money can buy happiness to an
    extent, studies show that after $75,000 per
    year, increased income does little to boost

9.women that are very brilliant find it very difficult finding a suitable mate. (
how To take care of your brain in other to increase intelligence )

10.good liars are better at detecting lies told by others .
common lies that women tell men in relationships

12.the more you talk about someone the more likely it is that you will fall in love with them.(
signs that show that she loves you

13.fact : people that pretend not to care are actually the ones that care the most

14. When you cry the first drop of tears will come from the right eye if its tears of joy and left if its tears of sorrow.

15.another fascinating psychology fact is that it takes less than four minutes one second to fall in love (
9 signs that show she doesn’t really love you . )

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