five important reasons why you should have blunt friends

Human nature basically hates criticism, no one wants to be told the truth when it hurts but if you want to go far in life then you should learn to keep blunt friends . A blunt friend is a friend that tells you the truth all the time even when it hurts but keeping blunt friends will help you not to be making unnecessary mistakes , it keeps you on your toes . Do you know that if a friend praises you all the time without telling you that you are wrong when you go wrong then its either the person is a psychophant or an enemy in disguise . Here are some of the reasons why you should make sure that you have atleast 2 or 3 that are blunt when it comes to saying the truth even when it hurts as friends…
( 10 qualities of a true friend )
1. They can save you from making mistakes that you would have made due to lack of unbiased advice. A blunt friend is a true friend!
( a very touching story )
2. They save you from fashion faux pas: I used to watch some girls that dress up like monkeys in miniskirts with faces that is glistening with the seven colours of the rainbow all in the name of applying makeup (cosmetics) , they dress up ,leave their houses and lodges to go to lectures ,fellowships and other events without knowing how they look like all because they asked the wrong friend that refused to tell them how they really looked . A blunt friend can save you from embarrassing yourself in public due to wrong fashion because they will always tell you the truth.
the type of friends that you keep matters
3. Their observations can be witty and funny. can count on them when you are in trouble: one of the things that I have learnt in life is that the true friends that will stand by you in your times of trial are not the ones with sugarcoated tongues but the blunt ones that keeps on telling you the truth even when you were carried away by glittering objects that looked like gold but were really fake.
( awful things that married men do

5.You know exactly where you stand with
( advice from a father to his son )

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