Ten things successful people do that makes them successful in life

I have seen lots of people suffering even when they are very hardworking while some are more successful than others in life even when their hard work is not as strenous and cumbersome as that of others that has been working very hard and yet they are still failing. Well life is always full of suprises but according to an igbo adage “when a bird learns to fly without perching a hunter will also learn how to fly without perching” . According to one ancient philosopher if “you keep doing the same thing the same way all the time you will keep getting the same results” so i started wondering if they were doing some things differently that made them to be getting different results and that was how i came up with the idea of ten things that successful people do differently that made them to be successful in life and they include
1. They Know That Time Is Their Most
Valuable Asset
They don’t let others make them invest time in
activities they consider boring and counter-
productive to their self-development. You
shouldn’t do that either. When you think that
something is a waste of your time, don’t do it.
Your time is an asset that IS NOT INFINITE.
Nobody on this planet has unlimited time, yet
people tend to spend their time like garbage.
The first thing you MUST DO if you want to
change your life, become more successful, and
achieve your goals is to change your
perception of time. Realize that your time is
not infinite and that you should spend it
wisely, because it doesn’t come back.
2. They Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone
The only path to personal growth is doing
things that make you feel awkward. When all
you do is walk inside your comfort zone, you
can’t grow as a person. You stay static
because your activities can’t change you. If
what you do doesn’t challenge you, if it’s not
uncomfortable and difficult, then you should
raise your standards and increase the game
difficulty. You can’t build muscle if all you do
is lift feathers. You have to lift heavy rocks.
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7. They Embrace Failures
Phenomenally successful people carry the
belief that failures are the stepping stones to
success. Each failure yields rewards bigger
than a win because it can offer you an
invaluable life lesson. Start seeing your
failures as an opportunity to become better
instead of letting them bring you down and
disappoint you.
8. They Surround Themselves With Winners
Jim Rohn has said that “you are the average
of the 5 people you spend the most time
with.” People with who you associate play a
significant role in your life because they form
your lifestyle and beliefs. If you are around
people who are full of negativity, you won’t be
able to maintain positive thoughts. On the
other hand, if you are around people who write
down their goals, focus on daily improvement,
and dress to impress, you will be pushed to
become the best version of yourself. Surround
yourself only with like-minded people who
have big dreams and are eager to take the
necessary steps to achieve them. They will
take you to the top with them.
9. They Don’t Seek The Perfect Moment, They
Make a Random Moment Perfect
What are you waiting for? The right moment
will never come. The circumstances will never
be ideal, and if you wait for tomorrow to get
started, it will never come. Tomorrow is just
an excuse for inertia. There is no perfect
moment. What matters is to get started as
soon as possible and make the best out of
what you have.
10. They Don’t Brag, They Listen
Successful people are ALWAYS eager to learn
new things. They ask questions and they listen
carefully to other people’s advice. They
usually don’t talk too much because they are
focused on listening and processing
information. On the other hand, losers always
speak about how much they know and how
amazing their accomplishments are. They are
so blinded by their need for acceptance that
the only thing they care about is to brag
about what they know. And in most cases,
they just talk the talk. They don’t walk the
11. They Know That Education is a Constant
Do you believe that you should stop learning
when you finish school or college? If the
answer is yes, then it’s crucial to change that
belief before it’s too late. Education shouldn’t
stop at school or college; you should learn
new things every single day. It isn’t a
coincidence that the most successful people
are those who have read countless books and
have spent a lifetime acquiring new skills.
12. They Help Other People
Success isn’t about caring for your selfish
needs. It’s about caring for the needs of
others. EVERY successful person
accomplished his goals because what he did
really helped others in some way. Mark
Zuckerberg gave the world a tool that made it
easy to connect with their friends. Larry Page
and Sergey Brin gave world a system (Google)
that made it easy to find unlimited
information in milliseconds. Famous singers
and actors help people by fulfilling their
emotional needs. If you want to succeed in
life, you shouldn’t focus on yourself, you
should focus on how you can improve other
people’s lives!
13. They Have The Courage to Say NO
This is actually a quality that really separates
the winners from the losers.When you are not
afraid to say no, you have already avoided the
need to please everyone. Trying to please
everybody is impossible and can only lead to
disappointment. When you don’t want to do
something, just say no without apologizing for
your decision.
14. Successful People Take Ownership Of Their
Most people make the mistake of pointing
fingers to others for their faults. They never
accept responsibility for their actions and
always believe that someone else is
responsible for their misery. Targeting others
for your frustrations won’t help you achieve
your goals, it can only hurt other people’s
feelings or even create enemies. In fact, your
actions or your inertia is what actually
determines the quality of your life. Blaming
others is just an excuse to avoid the hard
work needed to change your life. Stop blaming
others and take care of your future, because it
depends only upon YOUR ACTIONS.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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