11 things you wont understand unless you were the first child or the eldest in your family

  11 things you can't understand unless your are the first child or older sibling

   11 things you can't understand unless your are the first child or older sibling
been the first child can be a wonderful experience but it also comes with lots of trials and troubles that wouldn’t be able to fully understand unless you were the first born or the eldest in your family!
Being the eldest of the siblings means you get
a lot of advantages and you learn a lot of
important lessons —such as compassion and
patience—early in your life. However, being the
first born is not as smooth a ride as it is
perceived, and it is not all fun and games
being the oldest of your siblings. While you
sometimes get to boss your siblings around
and you get first dibs at everything, there is
also a lot of responsibility and pressure that
rests on your little shoulders if you are the
first born.
the 11 eleven things that you won’t be able to understand unless you were the first born or the eldest include
1. You have to be a role model for your
younger siblings, even if you don’t want to be
Your younger siblings look up to you as their
greatest role model and so you have to be
perfect. If you are a first born, you get this
constant reminder that you have to set a good
example for your siblings to follow. Every time
you get into trouble, it is magnified by tenfold,
and you are reminded of how you are not
living up to the standards of the position you
2. You are blamed by your parents for
everything, only because you are the oldest
Having younger siblings basically means that
you are in trouble when they are in trouble.
Because you are older, even if you aren’t at
fault, you are the one to be blamed since you
are supposed to know better. Who forgot to
put the bikes in the shed before it started to
snow? Your little brother, but technically it
was you, because you should have made sure
he did it. So, you get the blame for almost
every wrong thing that they do or whenever
they cause any trouble. On the other hand,
they don’t get into trouble because they are
“not old enough to understand.” You are
actually the one who is supposed to be
watching them, after all.
3. You want to be the cool one but you have
to be the responsible one
You are constantly torn between being the
cool one and being the responsible one. You
like being cool because it’s fun, but then you
are supposed to be mature and responsible.
4. You fear losing games to your younger
Since you are the eldest, you like maintaining
your “superior” status. Therefore, you try your
best to win any game you play with the
younger ones. It is a dark day for you if you
lose any game to them.
5. You are under more pressure to succeed at
The older ones are also expected to be
smarter and get better grades at school. If
your little brother or sister gets an A in Math
and you get a B, your mother looks for an
answer from you. Contrastingly, if you get an
A and the younger one gets a B, you are now
to additionally serve as their tutor and help
them excel.
6. You have to be ready for unpaid babysitting
all the time
You are the babysitter for your siblings if your
mother is doing the laundry, going out
shopping, or is busy in the kitchen. You are
the on-call babysitter and any plans that you
might have do not seem to matter.
7. You have to make a case for staying up late
or having cool gadgets, while your siblings are
allowed to do all that at a younger age
You wanted to stay up late and watch a movie
but you were not allowed. You wanted a
cellphone, so you had to beg and beg for it
and when you got it, it also came with a long
list of rules. Yet, it seems that your younger
siblings are allowed these privileges at a
younger age and with fewer rules. The
statement: “You never allowed me do that
when I was that old” is, therefore, often uttered
in your life—even you have lost count of the
times you have said it.
8. You had to manage your frustration when
your sibling was born and everything stopped
being just about you
Life seemed to be great as an only child. You
got all the attention, affection, love, and care
of your parents. But when the new baby made
an entrance as your sibling, they became the
receiver of all this attention. Frustration and
jealousy engulfs you when you do not get the
same amount of attention and have to share
everything with your younger siblings.
9. You have to make a lot of sacrifices
Sometimes it’s unwillingly, but you have to
make a lot of sacrifices if you are oldest of the
siblings. These may include not being allowed
to have certain toys that your younger siblings
might swallow bits of, or having to watch TV
shows that are too young for you, or having to
stay at home to babysit them when you want
to go out and party.
10. You can’t keep any secrets because the
little ones are always on a lookout for you
When you have younger siblings, it is very
unlikely that you can get away with anything
or keep any secrets. They will continue to spy
on you like a creeper, and will go running to
your mom and dad as soon as they find out
anything new. So it is difficult to have friends
over, as your younger siblings refuse to stop
bugging you.
11. You are often accused of being bossy,
while you are just playing your role
You have to be assertive at times to protect
them and make sure that they stay out of
trouble. However, this is frustrating for them
and they accuse you of being bossy, when
actually you are simply acting your role.

assuming you had a choice will you still want to be the first born or the eldest in your family after reading this?


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