health benefits of taking dark chocolates

 health benefits of taking chocolates

  health benefits of taking chocolates
chocolate is very important to our overall well being ,it has lots of advantages and lots of health benefits.
When we are talking about chocolate and
potential health benefits we are not referring
to chocolate bars that you may find at the
checkout line in a grocery or convenience store
but true dark chocolate. This type of chocolate
is a night and day difference to it’s
“chocolate-like” counterparts.
Dark chocolate of at least 70% cacao is what
you’re looking for here and ideally 90%. If
you’ve eaten Hershey bars your whole life it
can be quite an adjustment as dark chocolate
has a deeper, richer and more bitter taste.
When you start eating this regularly though
you develop the taste for it and will not return
to sugar filled candy bars.
When you start eating dark chocolate you can
look to start providing yourself with some
great health benefits. Here are 5 things that
come from eating dark chocolate.
1. Dark Chocolate Has A Very High Mineral
When you consume dark chocolate you are
getting natural amounts of:
Selenium Gomez..

  1. Dark Chocolate Can Lower Blood Pressure
    Studies out of Germany took 18 weeks to
    observe otherwise healthy individuals that had
    higher than optimal blood pressure. When
    small portions of dark chocolate were added
    into the diet it was seen efficiently reduce
    their blood pressure.
  2. Dark Chocolate Can Help Manage & Lower
    Blood Sugar
    This tends to surprise people because when
    you think of chocolate you tend to think of
    sugar. In the case of dark chocolate, there is
    some sugar but it is primarily made of fat.
    Dark chocolate, however, is made up of the
    good fats like oleic acid which is what you
    find in olive oil. The higher fat content is what
    helps keep the glycemic index low which helps
    in keeping blood sugar low. The polyphenols in
    dark chocolate, among their many benefits,
    are believed to promote vascular health and
    glucose contro l.
  3. Dark Chocolate Is High In Antioxidants
    This to me is the best selling point on it. A
    quick lesson on antioxidants; they help
    prevent free radical damage in the body and
    free radicals are what are formed when oxygen
    interacts with certain molecules. Cell oxidation
    can roughly be compared to when things rust.
    Antioxidants then are what help prevent
    damage from cell oxidation which includes
    premature aging, DNA damage and certain
    types of cancer. Researchers in Italy found
    that the antioxidant content in dark chocolate
    would help combat the negative of effects of
    free radical damage in the body.
  4. Dark Chocolate Can Help Prevent
    Cardiovascular Disease
    The antioxidant power shines through again
    through the form of those great polyphenols
    but also flavonoids. You might be thinking
    flavonoids are the love child between Flavor
    Flav and The Noid from Dominos, but they are
    thought to have heart protecting effects.
    Research out of Australia showed that small
    daily dark chocolate consumption could
    potentially avert 70 non-fatal, and 15 fatal
    cardiovascular events per 10,000 people
    treated over 10 years.
    Wrapping It Up
    So does this mean you can start eating dark
    chocolate by the shovel full? Well, you’ll need
    to slow down your horses there fella. Dark
    chocolate still contains a lot of calories due to
    that high fat content but the advantage is it
    only takes a few squares to help satisfy that
    sugar and chocolate craving.
    If you notice with the studies they all mention
    SMALL amounts of dark chocolate that
    produced results. But having a square (or
    two) a day is a great way to get a treat that is
    also going to be providing you some
    tremendous health benefits.
    If you’re new to dark chocolate start off easy
    with a 50% cacao version and start working
    your way up. When you get up to 90% lower
    grades which once might have seemed too
    bitter will not seem to become overly sweet.

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