5 places where students inability to read reflects on

  5 places where students inability  to read reflects on

  5 places where students inability  to read reflects on

5 places where your inability to read will be reflecting on.

“Nowadays” young people find it difficult to read their books. As far As they are concerned reading is a lost virtue that doesnt pay, the would rather spend their time party-ing and engaging in stupid frivolous activities like cultism, womanising, sorting, smoking……. e.t. c
I’m not here to advise you to amend your ways because i’m sure you already know the truth. Five places where your laziness will reflect on are

  1. Your Grades/Result : i dont think this one needs much explainations, if you fail to read there is every tendency that you will fail that exam and it will definitely reflect on your grades.

  2. your pocket: some will Resort to sorting in other to pass their exam, but that money that you waste every year in the name of paying your lecturers money to give you a pass mark (why not bend down, read your books, pass your exams, use the money for other more productive purposes?)

  3. Your Body : its now an open secret that some lecturers sleep with their students in other to help them pass a course, i know you are a super runsgirl but why not read your books – earn a good grade – and preserve your Body or dont you know that you are priceless?

    4.Time : another place that it will be reflecting on is your time, you will waste more years in school rewriting carry over courses, waste years looking for job after graduation because as a half baked graduate no company will be willing to employ you so why not bend down and read?

5.overall well being: reading improves your grammer, widens the horizon of Your knowledge, helps you to converse intelligently with people from all walks of life, helps in building up Your self esteem…….. e. t. c Having known to refusal and inability to read will be reflecting on all these areas of Your life, “why not bend down and read?”

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