Unconditional Love is Conditional : moment of truth

  Unconditional Love is Conditional : moment of truth

Let’s correct this myth; love involving opposite
sexes is conditional. It is 100% conditional.
Something attracts you to someone or gets
you attracted to someone. That is the
condition. When I hear people say love is
unconditional, I wonder why such people do
not fall in love with mad people. They will not.
Why? Because they are not sane. So what is
sanity then? It is a condition!
You want a tall, dark, handsome, rich young
man and you still claim that there is true love.
Why not go for a short, mentally-retarded,
haggardly-looking old man? The same goes
with men. However, there may be occasions
when you may preferentially lose sight of some
qualities over others, that does not mean you
will not have something to draw you close to
that person. It can be looks, character, money,
how s/he treats you, religious affiliations,
career, fame, godliness, even minute things
like neatness or good vocal ability. Whatever
it is, there must be a reason; and that is the
condition! Frustration and societal views can
equally be in the list of these conditions. Are
you asking how? Ask those ‘old’ single ladies.
You can visit some prayer houses.
Unconditional love exists within family circle,
especially nuclear family and is most
showcased by mothers. You see it again in
divinity. No matter how or who you are, your
mum and your God do not joke with you.
Any love that is romantic or has the latency of
metamorphosing into romance is highly
conditional. You reading this cannot fall in
love with just anybody likewise I who posted
it. It’s a fact; no matter how hard you try to
deny it.
I am just trying to make common sense. Love

Written by CHIGOZIE gentle
  Unconditional Love is Conditional : moment of truth

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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