5 ways of stopping hackers from stealing your account’s password

  5 ways of stopping hackers from stealing your account passwords
1. Guessing
This looks silly but this can easily help
hackers to get ones password within seconds.
If the hacker knows you, he can use
information he knows about you to guess your
password. Hacker can also use combination of
Social Engineering and Guessing to acquire
your password.
Don’t use your name,
surname, phone number or date of birth as
your password. Try to avoid creating
password that relates to you. Create complex
and long password with combination of letters
and numbers which has nothing really about
your personal information.
2. Social Engineering
Social engineering is process of manipulating
someone to trust you and get information
from them. For example, if the hacker was
trying to get the password of a co-workers or
friends computer, he could call him pretending
to be from the IT department and simply ask
for his login details. Sometimes, hackers call
the victim pretending to be from bank and ask
for their credit cards details. Social
Engineering can be used to get someone
password, to get bank credentials or any
personal information.
Countermeasure: If someone tries to get your
personal or bank details, refer them to check
their database. If they are legit, they should
have every details they need without having to
call you.
Never ever give your password and credit card
details for any reason.
3.Rats and Keylogger
In keylogging or RATing the hacker sends
keylogger or rat to the victim. This allows
hacker to monitor every thing victim do on
his/her computer. Every keystroke is logged
which includes passwords and usernames.
Moreover hackers can even control the victims
computer to perform some remote functions.
Never login to your bank
account from cyber cafe or someone else
computer. If its important use on-screen or
virtual keyboard while tying the login. Use
latest anti-virus software and keep them
updated. And never install any file from the
internet without proper scanning and verifying
the source.
 5 ways of stopping hackers from stealing your account password
4.BruteForce Attack
Any password can be cracked using Brute-
force attack. Brute-force attacks try every
possible combinations of numbers, letters and
special characters until it matches the correct
password. Brute-force attacks can take a very
long time depending upon the complexity of
the password. And the cracking time is
determined by the speed of computer and
complexity of the password.
Use long and complex
passwords. Try to use combination of upper
and lowercase letters along with numbers and
possibly characters. Brute-force attack will
take hundreds or even thousands of years to
crack such complex and long passwords.
Example: Passwords like “myrealname” or
“mypassword” can be cracked easily whereas
computer will take thousand of days to crack
passwords like “HandsomE3Beauty4BloglL!”
 5 ways  of stopping hackers from stealing your account's password
Phishing is the most easiest and popular
hacking method used by hackers to get
someone account details. In Phishing attack,
hacker will send fake page of real website like
Accessbank, facebook to victim. When
someone login through that fake page his
details is automatically sent to the hacker.
This fake pages can be easily created and
hosted on free web-hosting sites.
Countermeasure: Phishing attacks are very
easy to avoid. The url of this phishing pages
are different from the real one. For example
URL of phishing page of Accessbank might
look likeAccesbank.com (As you can see There
is only one “s” wink . Always make sure that
websites url is correct, and never follow an
email link to login account details (Especially
Bank Accounts).

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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