youthfulness and old age

youthfulness and old age
I saw a frail looking old man today at the
saloon. He had worn out shoes and clothes
and looked malnourished. We see people like
this around us all the time. They could be the
cleaners in our hostels, they could be the men
who clear the grasses in our estates, they
could even be the women who come to wash
your clothes or clean your toilet. Have you
stopped to wonder why they are where they
are today? They were young too at a point,
some had big dreams, some are even
educated. So how did they end up where they
are?? I don’t have an answer to that. But one
thing is certain, where we end up is determined
largely by how we use our time now(yeah I’m
talking about time again).
You can’t play your youth away, adding zero
value to yourself and expect not to end up
driving or house helping someone. What is
worth doing is worth doing well…whether
you’re learning a trade or you’re in school, put
in your back into it…add value to yourself…
Learn new skills… Read books and use the
internet for research and not just Facebook
and Instagram.
  youthfulness and old age

Lets face it, there is no guarantee that you
won’t fail when you grow up, getting serious
with how you use your time now will reduce
the chances of that happening to a large
extent. Religious people may say ‘i have faith’
‘God has promised me good success’ etc..but
God will only bless the work of your hand
meaning your hands must be busy. You don’t
sleep from 9pm to 10am the following day
and expect good success, that’s not gonna
happen, that’s not the sweet sleep He gives
His beloved. That’s laziness not faith, cos
even faith dies where there’s no work to act
on. let’s get our act together. A little sleep a
little slumber a little folding of hands and
poverty will be looming.


Kindly share………Good evening from a heart
that cares…… Go get busy today people.. One
 youthfulness and old age
 youthfulness and old age

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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