5 reasons youths leave their parents church for another

  5 reasons youths leave their parents church
for another
Youth no longer think twice before jumping from one church to another. Majority left the churches that their parents Were attending for another for lots of reasons. This trend has positive and and negative effects on the society but that is a post for another day. First lets look at the most common reasons while they leave no matter how frivolous or trivial the reason may be.
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1. marriage related reasons /spiritual problems : most men befriend and sleep with all kinds of ladies but when they want to marry they will dash off to church to look for an unspoiled virgin mary that they will get married to. And this leads men into throving into new churches in search of a new bride . The ladies are not left out in the game because according to an igbo proverb if a bird learns to fly without perching the hunter will also learn how to shoot without missing. Since the men have learnt spoil ladies only to leave them for another, the women have also learnt to hide themselves under the church umbrella to increase their chances of being the lucky one. Rumor has it that been an usher or a member of the choir will increase your marriage prospects . The search for solutions to Spiritual problems can also make youths to leave their parents church especially if they feel that the church lacks the solutions to their problem.

2.change of location : change of location due to work or school demands can make a youth to change from a church to another especially if their parents church is absent or far from their new residence.
 5 reasons youths leave their parents church for another

3.Pride : pride also makes youths to leave their parents church, some commit offences like fornication and when they are suspended instead of begging for forgiveness they will prefer to leave. some leave a church because someone offended them, or because the church is too small or local for their liking. Some will proudly tell you that they cant worship in a church that has no air conditioner, my dear your taste is not bad but are you worshipping God or the a.c.
     5 reasons youths leave their parents church
for another
4. Peer pressure : some youths leave their parents church due to peer pressure. They don’t really have anything against their original church but in order to look cool in the eyes of their friends they will leave the parent church for another new generation church that looks cool in the eyes of their friends.
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5.to meet beautiful girls and cute guys : unlike the first category that is looking for marriage partners this group is only interested in meeting and making friends with new people. Once they are through with a particular church they eill move over to the next church with a higher share of cute youths. You can add to the list through the comment box

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