5 categories of students in a lecture hall

 5 categories of students in a lecture hall  5 categories of students in a lecture hall   5 categories of students in a lecture hall

Five basic categories of STUDENTS that you are bound to meet in a lecture hall no matter the school that you are going to include

  1. The questionaires : i call them the questionaires because this category consist of students with something upstairs but the difference between them and the normal intelligent students is that they love showing off the little they know, now dont get me wrong because there is nothing wrong with asking questions but there is a stereotype among students that people that ask questions in class are the most intelligent in that gathering and that is where students with superiority complex cash in to show their expertise. Some even go as far as asking useless questions that they already know the answers to. I wonder who they are trying to impress. #sighs

  2. The big boys and girls : the ladies in this categories are the type we refers to as #babyokus, 92% of the times they they have anything upstairs but they wont hesitate to flaunt their expensive shoes, phones, goodies…… E.t.c in public. The ladies in this category spend like 2 hours making up before a mirror because they can think of coming to school. (no wonder scientists postulate that an average woman spends 3 years of her life staring at mirrors) its the guys and girls in this category that will be busy chatting and posting all kinds of selfies and status online evenc though there are certain things you should not post on facebook or other social networks . And that was how one girl took a selfie of herself while were busy dissecting lizards and the caption of the pic that she uploaded was chilling with the lizards!

  3. The sleepy heads : this set of students will be sleeping throughout the lecture as if there is no tomorrow, you will find this category of students around windows at the back of the lecture hall, perphaps they spent all the night in a night vigil, night class or night party but who am i to judge, i guess they are receiving their own lecture in dreamland. Sleep on! My dear!

  4. The serious students : this category of students are serious minded, they know why they are in school and they are not ready to squander the time and their parents hard earned cash on frivolities. I’m sure albert einstein belonged to this class during his time on earth.

  5. The quiet ones : i don’t know how to classify this category of students but you will see them in every lecture hall, they will quietly come for lectures, listen to the lecturer, jot some note and quietly leave when its all over.

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