5 categories of worshippers in a church service

  5 categories of worshippers in a church service  5 categories of worshippers in a church service

Going to the church is fun, i love it and thats why the great psalmist king David said “i was glad when they they said lets go to the house of the lord”! Its wonderful to be in the midst of your fellow christains and You get to worship and praise God in the beauty of his holiness. There are basically 5 categories that every worshipper in a church service falls into and they include

  1. The troubled neighbour : if you are sitting beside this category of worshipper trust me you wont enjoy the service. This category includes people with financial and marital and family problems that brought their problems to church but instead of casting their burdens upon the lord they preferred to vent their anger on anyone that will be unfortunate enough to step on their toes mistakenly. This set of worshippers frown all the time,murmur all the time, gossip about the pastor and others when they get home. This group of people clashes frequently with ushers. If the pastor says “turn to neighbour and say….” and You are sitting beside this category of people please be careful what you do or say to avoid stories that touch the heart.

  2. The dancers : music is the spring of life. its one of the reasons some people leave their church to attend another . So many people go to church merely to dance, when the music sets you dare not challenge them to a dancing contest. I love it too when praises is going ( i dont mind joining in the dance)

  3. The sleepy heads : i wonder why some people will leave their houses only to start sleeping in his presence during church service. The one that gets me angry is that when some of them are sleeping and You wake them they will deny sleeping instantly, some will even go as far as speaking in tongues to prove that they were in spirit and not in the land of sleep.

  4. Miracle seekers : this category of people come to church not because they are serious worshippers but because they have problems that they would like the God of miracles to solve.

  5. True worshippers : these category of christains are the true christains that are in church mainly to worship God and Listen to his word. They are are christains interested in doing things that please God .

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