How to download movies from youtube to mobile phones

  How to download  movies from youtube to mobile phones   How to download  movies from youtube to mobile phones

i really thank God for the advent of information and communication technology although it has its advantages and disadvantages .
It’s painful to see so many beautiful videos on youtube without seeing any download button beside the videos especially when you finish watching movies that are so interesting that you would have loved to have them on your mobile phone. There are so many youtube downloading applications for android phone users like Vidmate, Tubemate, youtube downloader and so on. But unfortunately all this apps are Apk files which will not install on ordinary mobile phones especially java phones but there is actually a way of surmounting that hurdle.
1. make sure you have either opera mini or uc browser on your phone.
2. Go to and search for the vivideo that you are interested in, when you see it select the movie and when the page opens dont click on “watch video” . Just scroll up to the top of the page where you input urls or web addresses and copy the url of that page
3. Open a new tab or you can close the current youtube page, visit this website “”. You will see a box there. Paste the video url you copied from youtube into that box and select ok or search.

  1. You will be shown a list of different formats that you can click on to start downloading such as avi, mp4 e.t.c i recommend 3gp for people will small mobile phones but feel free to select any format that is compartible with your phone.
    And while you are busy downloading movies try to download an electronic bible is there any thing wrong with it too?

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