Lucifer the roaring lion

 Lucifer the roaring lion  Lucifer the roaring lion  Lucifer the roaring lion

1 peter 5:8
Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary the devi, as a ROARING LION walketh about seeking whom he may devour.

This stupid guy called lucifer is not a myth. He actually exists. He was one of the angels that GOD the creator of heaven and earth created. He was the choir master in heaven. He was good looking too so don’t be deceived when you see horrible pics of one black guy with two horns and a tail that is used in depicting the mr LUCIFER. i know the pics where meant to show how dangerous and evil that the devil is but the truth is that he is more dangerous and evil than he is been potrayed to be. Infact the is no atom of goodness left in him. But it wasn’t so in the begining.
It all started when pride entered into him, he was so proud of the power and beauty that God gave to him as one of the leading angels in heaven, he was under the delusion that he was better than his creator. He felt that he could usurp God’s throne but he underestimated the most high. Unfortunately for him JEHOVAH the omniscient and omnipresent God!, the mighty one in battle!, the God of abraham, isaac, jacob and Apostle Johnson Suleman disgraced and threw him down to earth. THATS why lucifer has been walking about like a wounded lion looking for whom to destroy. He is the originator of sin in the world, the trickster behind the disobedience of man that brought death to humanity. He is not really a lion, he is just an enraged goat. There is only one lion and his name is JESUS CHRIST the Lion of the tribe of the tribe of judah!.
Dear sinner, the devil Mr Lucifer has nothing good in stock for you. He promises you heaven and earth just to steal the salvation of your soul. He is doing everything within his power to ensure that you spend your enternity in hell. He destroys lives, Destinies, marriages through confusions, jealousy, war, hatred, spiritual forces of spiritual husbands and wives , divorce, suicidal thoughts, adultery, infidelity, depression, frustration, penury, sin, diabolic rituals, juvenile deliquency, stubborns, idolatory, spiritual attacks…. E. T. C. Satan has nothing good to offer you, why not come to jesus the lover of your soul, the selfless one that came down to earth to die for your sins. He loves you and cares for you.
I enjoin you to say this short prayer of repentance and salvation with me

Lord JESUS, i’m sorry for my sins, have mercy upon me. Forgive me and accept me as your child today, from today i promise to live a life that pleases you. Thank you for forgiving me and answering my prayers in Jesus name i pray amen.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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