sexy lady redefined

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 Sexy lady redefined
Every time you upload a picture on Facebook,
BBM, Whatsapp etc people describe you as
SEXY and you are wondering why
irresponsible guys are trailing you.
A sexy person is someone who is useful for
sex! Nothing more, nothing else.
Your first statement to people is your

 Sexy lady redefined
Do you appear to people as loose or decent?
You are not a “sexual service station” for
other people to use and abuse whenever they
like. You are not valuable because you are
sexy, or somehow unworthy if you think you
are not.
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You are made in the image of God (Genesis
1:27) and as a Christian you are being
remade into the image of Christ (2Corinthians
The Gospel tells us that, although we are
sinful to the core, God loves us and values us
to the max. Our true identity and worth as a
person is all bound up in the person and work
of Jesus.
It is Jesus’ broken body, and not your “sexy”
body, that gives you value. When the Creator
of the Universe loves you, accepts you, values
you, you don’t need to do whatever it takes to
get other people to desire you.
Seek Godliness over sexiness

As Christians, we need to accept God’s view
of us and of our sexuality. We need to be so
satisfied in Jesus that we are not seduced by
the world.
We need to seek godliness over sexiness, and
holiness over hotness. We need to counteract
toxic messages about sexuality with God’s
original design for sex.
When it comes to your “value” as a person,
trust the God who made you, and bled and
died for you. You don’t need to chase after
acceptance; you have been accepted!


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