how to turn off disturbing facebook notifications

   how can I turn off or stop Facebook notifications
I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets tired of receiving uselessly disturbing Facebook notifications online or through SMS when ever someone else comments or likes a post that we commented on previously. This phenomenon has scared a lot of Facebook users from commenting on a wonderful Facebook post or status update in a bid to avoid notifications .people now prefer to use the like button since notifications cannot be gotten from liking a post online .But do you know that its quite easy to comment on any post of your choice and still turn off the notifications with this simple steps!
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  1. Scroll to the original post. At the TOP of
    the post there will be a small arrow – click on
    the arrow and you will see a small drop down
  2. Click on ‘Turn off notifications for this post”
    and you are done!
    You will see a note indicating that you have
    successfully turned them off but no one else
    will be notified.

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