Properties of acids and bases

   Properties of acids and bases

Properties of Acids

  1. Acid tastes sour and must not be tasted.
  2. Acids turn blue litmus paper to red.

  3. Aqueous solutions of acids conduct electric current. They are therefore good electrolytes

  4. Acids react with bases to form salts and water

  5. Acids give out hydrogen gas when they are reacted with an active metal like alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, zinc and aluminum.

Properties of Bases

  1. Bases taste bitter and must not be tasted

  2. They sense slippery or foamy. You must not by chance feel them

  3. Bases don’t alter the color of litmus paper but can they can turn red or acidified litmus paper to blue

  4. Aqueous solutions of bases conduct electricity and are therefore good electrolytes.

  5. Bases react with acids to form salts and water

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