Grace : The unmerited favour

   grace favour blessing life unmerited
Do you think marriage is based on beauty alone ? Have you asked yourself why the less beautiful ones are getting married daily while the most beautiful ladies are still searching for a man that will marry them… ? Its called grace!

You were the most intelligent in your secondary school days but you are yet to get admission(+ no sponsors ) but most of your classmates that you were better than are already in their final years, its called Grace.

You read from morning >>night>>dawn for your exams yet when results come out ,friends that copied from your script “word for word” smash A’s and B’s while you manage to escape with an E,D or C (even though you were the supplier ) .its called grace.

You graduated with 1st class but you are still looking for job while your counterparts with second class lower have already gotten one. some call it connection,I call it grace .

Two friends that are qualified go for an interview, one is rejected for one flimsy excuse while the other is accepted . Its called grace.

Grace is simply unmerited favour, it is unusual blessing that you Don’t Deserve. The reason people look down on you is because the grace that you carry has not yet been manifested. Stop blaming your background or others ,you can still make a difference no matter how bad things are right now.
one typical example is Joseph in the Bible ,he was a boy with grace upon his head. Infact It was the grace that was on his head that made his brothers to plan his death. When you carry grace things may not go well at first, you may attract opposition from all sides .so many people may hate and fight you for no just cause but don’t be dismayed . The problems and attacks that you are seeing are only coming to you because you carry something precious. Have you ever seen children casting stones on a mango tree without fruits? No ! ,have you ever seen footballers running after someone without the ball? No ,you only become a target when you carry something precious.
Joseph’s brethren planned his death but Grace saved his life . He was sold into slavery but Grace made him a ruler in the house of potiphar ,everything he touched turned into gold
.due to wrong accusation from his master’s wife he was cast into prison but Grace made him to stand out there. he was a voice that everyone listened. Grace brought him out and made him a king in the land of Egypt.
One interesting quality of grace is that it can make you succeed where others failed. It makes you more successful by giving you MORE for lesser amount of effort.
The difference between you and another person is not the educational or family background , finance , social status ,…. its just a difference of Grace. Everyone has one form of Grace or the other hidden in them, once its activated you are automatically separated from the crowd.

Prayer : Lord let your Grace speak for me ,everywhere ,every time and in everything. let me find unmerited favour in your sight and in the sights of men .in Jesus name I pray amen.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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