Is mmm Nigeria a scam ? pt 1

  is mmm a scam or a real online business ?  A Ponzi scheme?
Why do I drizzymadbet believe
that MMM Nigeria is a pyramid/
Ponzi scheme lets look at the
following reasons.
1. The promise of a 30 % ROI is
outrageous and not in terms with
standard rates of investment
(Example one makes a profit of
30,000 naira for every 100,000
naira invested in the system in 30
days , excluding additions that
comes from referral, signing up
and testimonial bonuses) No legal
financial company can offer you
that investment plan.
2. Such “Return on Investments”
been paid to older clients are
money received from new clients
and the circle continues, the 30%
is never made from company
profits. That is why there is
aggressive ad campaign from the
company(MMM Nigeria) paying
massive additional bonuses to
recruiters that they call guiders to
conduct seminars and deceive
gullible Nigerians into joining the
scheme to keep the system alive.
3. The CEO of the company (MMM
Nigeria) Seigei Marvrodi is a
convicted fraudster and had run
similar fraud schemes in Russia
where he defrauded investors
over a hundred billion dollars
More details later..

Written by Mr drizzymadbet

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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