is mmm nigeria a scam ? pt 2

  is mmm a scam or a real online business ?  A Ponzi scheme?
@drizzymadbet, first off, for you
to make a honest review or judge
something, u must have used or
been involved with that thing. Its
obvious I’ve never been involved
in MMM as your posts shows you
don’t know much about this
Secondly, MMM is not a scam, an
MLM, HYIP, Bank or Investment
company. MMM is a DONATION
COMMUNITY where members
have decided to help themselves
gratuitously, without collateral,
provide financial help to each
Thirdly, MMM advertises because
of the way it works. Even the
Banks and organizations do
aggressive advertising. Even the
banks need more customets to
survive. MMM operates the way a
stockvel operates. The point is,
whose money has Sergei Mavrodi
stolen. No member of MMM ,
anywhere in the world gives hus
or her money to Mr. Mavrodi.
When u join MMM, u do not give
your money to MMM. MMM or
MMM founder Mr Mavrodi, I
repeat, does not collect a dime
from anyone anywhere in the
world. We members give money to
each other. We pay directly into
the others Bank account. ….so
how does Sergie run away with
your money. Please answer this @
MMM has enemies, the politicians,
the banks, government and press.
Why? Please go do your research
very well. Then u will find the
answer. I want u to go do that
research, when u find it, only then
you’ll be convinced to join MMM.
Mr. Mavrodi has made his money
way back before MMM. His aim
and ideology about MMM is to
fight against the unjust financial
system of the world; which makes
the poor poorer and rich richer
thought its the poor who does the
hard work. The Bank takes your
money in the pretence of keeping
it for you. You keep it there for
years. How much do they give u
as interest Peanuts! Mr Mavrodi
belives no government can make
the masses rich, no politician or
rich person will come to make you
rich. He believes, the masses
must take the bull by the horn by
helping each other and that is why
he put this system in place for
everyone to take advantage of.
Again. Mr. Mavrodi nor MMM does
not collect money on his website
or from anyone. Mr. Mavrodi is a
Mathematician, a programmer and
he only set up this system to help
the masses. MMM has changed
my financial status!!!
Mmm has been in existence for
five years in over 100 countries of
the world. #mmmpays. It has
been paying everyone for five
years. #MMM has paid me
severally, I’ve lost count. #MMM

Written by miss tarajohn

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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