photos kind woman to donate her kidney organ to man

 Catherine O'Brien kind woman donates egg and kidney to save man and woman
  photos  Catherine kind woman donates kidney to save man Photo Manchester evening news

Kind-hearted Cat O’Brien is weeks away from
giving a total stranger the gift of life … for a
second time.
The 37-year-old lorry driver will go under the
knife next month to give away one of her
In 2013, she donated her eggs to a woman
who went on to have a healthy baby boy.
Cat, who drives 32 tonne lorries for a living,
wants to show her gratitude for the treatment
given to her 51-year-old husband Shaun after
he became ill with cancer.
The kind woman told Manchester news “The
NHS saved my husband’s life.
“I was trying to think of something I could do
when I heard a story about a woman who
donated a kidney and thought ‘I can do that’.
“It is a lot cheaper to do a transplant than it
is to keep someone on dialysis and there are
thousands of people waiting for new organs
out there. “But I have had a lot of people who have been
very negative about it.
“They don’t understand why I would put
myself through that because I’ve never had
any kind of operation before. But I can do it so
I want to do it.
“Shaun knows better than to argue with me –
he understands I’m a strong person who tries
to do what I can to make the world a little
“I’m not being paid for this – though I can’t
deny you get a warmy fuzzy glow.
“There’s too much hate in the world – I believe
in being nice. “I know being a live organ donor is not
everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d say to people to
sign the register for donation after death
because you don’t need your organs after you
“You can help save many other lives and live
on through other people.”
Cat will go under the knife on February 21 at
Manchester Royal Infirmary.
Cat says she backs the Daily Mirror’s Change
The Law For Life campaign so that people
have to opt out of donating their organs after
death rather than opt in.

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