Wedding photos of world’s smallest couples

  marriage between shortest man and woman in the world
  wedding photos of Paulo and katyucia smallest couple in the world
 Guinness world records smallest guy weds a midget
Wow wonders shall never end . Indeed love is blind.
Paulo (aged 31 and 90.28 cm (35.54 in) in
height),and Katyucia, (28 and 91.13 cm
(35.88 in) first met in 2006 through the now
defunct social media platform, Orkut.
‘I found her very beautiful from the first
moment I saw her,’ he explains.
But Katyucia didn’t reciprocate and at first
blocked him on the instant messaging site,
before Paulo eventually won her over.
They would chat online regularly for a couple
of years before first meeting in person on 20
December 2008. They began dating on 29
They maintained a long distance relationship
for four years, managing to see each other
every couple of months. Having learned to walk and following the
fitting of orthopaedic boots in 2008, he vowed
to never use a child’s bike again – he
upgraded to a specially fitted out car which he
still drives today. His colleagues know him as
‘Paulinho Gigante’ – Giant Paulo.
How do you see the wedding photos of this small couple? Lovely or not? Drop your comments below
Guinness world records

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