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  virtual reality bike

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According to Wikipedia
Virtual reality ( VR) typically refers to computer
technologies that use software to generate
realistic images, sounds and other sensations
that replicate a real environment (or create an
imaginary setting), and simulate a user’s
physical presence in this environment, by
enabling the user to interact with this space
and any objects depicted therein using
specialized display screens or projectors and
other devices. VR has been defined as “…a
realistic and immersive simulation of a three-
dimensional environment, created using
interactive software and hardware , and
experienced or controlled by movement of the
body” or as an “immersive, interactive
experience generated by a computer”. [2]
A person using virtual reality equipment is
typically able to “look around” the artificial
world, move about in it and interact with
features or items that are depicted on a
screen or in goggles. Most 2016-era virtual
realities are displayed either on a computer
monitor , a projector screen , or with a virtual
reality headset (also called head-mounted
display or HMD). HMDs typically take the form
of head-mounted goggles with a screen in
front of the eyes. Programs may include audio
and sounds through speakers or headphones.
Virtual reality environment may be captured
using 360° stereoscopic spherical video and
360×360 surround sound from professional VR
video cameras.
Advanced haptic systems in the 2010s may
include tactile information, generally known as
force feedback in medical, video gaming and
military training applications. Some VR
systems used in video games can transmit
vibrations and other sensations to the user via
the game controller. Virtual reality also refers
to remote communication environments which
provide a virtual presence of users with
through telepresence and telexistence or the
use of a virtual artifact (VA), either through
the use of standard input devices such as a
keyboard and mouse, or through multimodal
devices such as a wired glove or
omnidirectional treadmills . The immersive
environment can be similar to the real world in
order to create a lifelike experience or it can
differ significantly from reality where gamers
can use fictional powers.

From reports gotten from Fitbit’s already got some of the top-selling fitness
trackers on the market, but as the space faces a
potential over-saturation, continued success lies in
partnerships. As such, the wearable maker’s been
building up its Works With Fitbit ecosystem one piece
at a time.

gamepedia : VR Bike is a virtual reality game for the
Google Play , Altergaze, Google Cardboard,
Samsung Gear VR , Fove , Freefly VR , Homido ,
iOS , LG 360 VR , Star VR , and Zeiss VR One
Official Summary
Ride and slalom in the road traffic. VR Race is
a innovative car game because you must use
your virtual reality glasses to play it. With
your VR glasses, you must simulate the same
movements on a motorcycle to be able to
point you in the game.
In this game speed, you have to avoid other
cars and reach the finish line in each level. As
you advance in levels , the more your speed
will be. 3 game modes : Easy : all cars
traveling in the same direction as you. Normal
driving on a 2×2 , cars circulating in both
directions. Difficulty : You drive your
motorbike against the direction . Road traffic
is denser.
This game was created in 3D. A particular
work was made at the lights, cars and scenery
of the city.

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