photo : What we miss most about fela anikulakpo kuti ?

biography of the famous Nigerian afrobeat musician fela anikulakpo Kuti ,quiz NIGERIANS WHAT DO YOU MISS MOST ABOUT HIM, FELA  ?
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This question asked by the theafricanarchive on their Facebook page and Nigerians responded immediately with what they missed most about the famous Nigerian musician Fela kuti.

Abdullahi Danlami: what I missed most about him was
His voice of truth.
He started something that would have saved
the mass from the blind mentality of political
intimidation by the authority . But people
didn’t stand up due to the consequence of
voicing out.
And we still suffer from it till this day.

Johnson Lee Oluwadamilare
Fela spoke the truth!!! you can deduce that in
his song Suffering and Smiling, in 2015,
Nigeria was ranked the either 3rd or 2nd
happiest country in the world when the
citizens in the country aren’t even happy!
aren’t we suffering in the country and on the
outside look like we are smiling? Even Beast
of no nation, he said “This uprising will bring
out the beast in us” aren’t we seeing in now?
hasn’t the beast in us been showed?
kidnapping here and there, rape everywhere,
people killing each other! Even in his song
Sorrow, Tears and Blood he said “my people
fearbto fight for freedom, we fear to fight for
liberty, we fear to fight for happiness”…
government increased price of fuel from
87naira to 145naira and we didn’t do anything
about it! we just accepted it! aren’t we slaves
to the government?? are we liberal in that
way? R.i.p Fela Anikulapo Kuti!!

Opeyemi Tunde
Baba 70 fela anikulapo have been looking
forward to see someone like this man, I
haven’t seen any, his braveness,boldn
ess,bluntness and always saying the truth of
the matter like putting the whole thing out the
way it is good trees do not stay long in forest.
Miss that legend

Iyke Stevens
What I miss most about him is “Fela”! He may
not be so likable in the religious world, but his
motives and ambition akin to the life of Jesus
Christ. Not in holiness, righteousness or
miracles, but in advocating for civil justice
and equity without fear or favor. Sometimes
prophets come and go and we don’t recognize
them. Fela is one of such. Musically, he was
simply Fela, a brand with his own niche.

Yusuphology-baba Compos Mentis Omosanya
What he used his music for, what he used his
marijuana highness for, to fight for justice and
equality, most musicians today only emulate
the habit of smoking weed from baba 70, they
have all forgotten what he fought for # RIP

Saliiu Mohammed :
Unfortunately for the present generation we
don’t have music again, we only have drum beat.
Music is part of education which Fela, Bob
Marley, Sunny Okosun stand for. I missed
them greatly.

Johnson Ojo
Fela is the truth, he is one. It is impossible to
miss an entity that lives forever through his
records. The total package that encompasses
everything that is past, present and future. He
is a phenomenon, a mindset, an intellectual
provocation, a manual prescribing the crux of
the black man’s problem, the prognosis and
the only remedy. The conundrum however, is
how do you save a people that do not want to
be saved????

Gbolahan Gee-n Bada : fela kuti was a great man. I missed
His brash charisma, his originality, his
courage, his boldness, his nonconforming
personality, his sense of humour, his wizardry
on the saxophone & keyboard, his unmatchable
musical composition & arrangement ability,
his powerful messages, his evergreen songs.
He was a god amongst men. He was the only
Nigerian artiste whose track can run for 10
minutes & I will listen to everything & still not be
bored. Many have tried to reach the reach the
Heights he attained but none has succeeded.
What makes me sad is that the same ills & vices he
sang about still prevail & thrive in our society
Today & we have not moved forward since that time.

Benard Omorojie
I miss him for the true he always say, if Fela
Kuti was to be alive l don’t think president
Buhari will come back as our president again.

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