photo : 2017 19yr old world youngest dollar billionaire Alexandra Andresen

photo youngest dollar billionaire in the world  Alexandra
At 19 years old, Norwegian Alexandra
Andresen is the world’s youngest dollar
billionaire. Her big sister, 20-year old
Katharina, is the second youngest.
The Andersen family’s fortune comes mainly
from the tobacco brand Tiedemanns, which
was founded by Alexandra’s great-great-
great-grandfather. After the brand was sold in
2005 for nearly half a billion dollars,
Alexandras father, Johan F. Andresen,
transferred 84 percent of the equity in Ferd to
his two daughters in 2007.
The 42 percent of the family empire, puts
Alexandra’s and Katharina’s net wealth at
about $1.2 billion dollars each, according to
”I feel a great sense of responsibility. In a way,
I feel that I don’t deserve this, but at the same
time I want to help Ferd become even better. I
think it’s difficult to find a way to give
something back” says Alexandra on the
homepage of Ferd, the family’s centuries-old
investment firm.
Alexandra Andersen currently lives in Germany,
where she is a professional dressage
competitor. She has won several prestigious
medals in the sport. businessinsider
Alexandra Andresen is a Norwegian heiress,
and as of December 2016 aged 20, the world’s
youngest billionaire, although not the world’s
youngest self-made billionaire ( John Collison )
. Her net worth now is estimated to be $1.2
billion (£862 million).
She is the daughter of Johan H. Andresen jr. ,
the Norwegian industrialist and owner of Ferd
AS, a privately held investment company, who
in 2007 transferred 42.2% each to Alexandra
and her sister Katharina Andresen. Wikipedia
The rating was given by forbes .
A Norwegian Public Health Institute official
said ‘the Andresens are so rich partly
because their company was responsible for
a lot of suffering’
The world’s youngest billionaire inherited her
fortune from a tobacco firm that allowed child
labourers as young as 10 to harvest the
deadly crop in Africa, MailOnline can reveal. Dailymail .

telegraph .
Alexandra was only recently confirmed as the
world’s youngest billionaire because the
Norwegian government publishes the tax
returns of people over 17.
But despite her affluent upbringing in one of
the best-known Norwegian families, she isn’t
just any rich kid. Alexandra is already an
accomplished horse rider, winning several
massive competitions in dressage. businessinsider .
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