photo : new machine that neatly folds all your laundry clothes for you

 FoldiMate wants to sell you a laundry-folding
robot  that folds laundry clothes on its own
Photo credit : FoldiMate

Hahaha wow ,I love this photo. Science and technology makes everything so easier that you don’t need to fold your laundry clothes by yourself again thanks to foldimate
. This technology enables a machine to fold all your clothes neatly after laundry.
FoldiMate has talked about the FoldiMate
Family robot for a while, and the company is
showing a prototype of its machine at CES
2017, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas
this week. FoldiMate founder and CEO Gal
Rozov said the device is “saving marriages
around the world.”
FoldiMate’s machine requires you to clip your
clothes onto a slot on the machine. The robot
pulls the item over a board and steams it, and
then folds it. Once the robot is finished with
the whole rack, it spits out the folded clothes
for you to remove. The machine will cost
around $850, or so.
It takes the robot about 10 seconds to fold
one item, and it has a capacity of about 15 to
20 items. The machine weighs about 66
pounds, uses standard power, and it is
connected via Wi-Fi. The company plans to
announce more shipping details soon. venturebeat

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