Nigerians hypocritical over Apostle johnson suleman’s statements?

I wonder why Nigerians are being hypocritical over apostle Johnson Suleman's advice for Christians to defend themselves when they are attacked by Fulani herdsmen
Nigerians can be hypocritical sometimes . first it was boko haram ,now its the Fulani herdsmen that suddenly regained their livers because their brother is now in power. they were busy killing innocent people since ,destroying farmlands of innocent farmers,raping mothers and sisters and killing innocent little children and Christians and no one saw anything wrong with it (silence ) and the ones that did refused to speak out for fear but suddenly Papa Adeboye congratulated a governor for protecting and taking care of his people and few weeks later one old man decides to implement a long forgotten law that oust papa E.A Adeboye from his position as the general overseer of the redeemed Christian church of God.
Papa Oyodepo spoke against the brutal killings of innocent Christians in Nigeria ,Enough was enough ! But as usual inside of people to condemn the killings and destructions they preferred to insult papa.
with continued increase in the killing of innocent christains by this violently insane fulani herdsmem Apostle Johnson Suleman called out to Christians to start defending themselves when they are attacked by herdsmen instead of allowing themselves to be massacred in the name of meekness after all Christianity is not stupidity , and suddenly some people are called for apostle Johnson Suleiman to be arrested by the dss. suddenly you start hearing this hypocritics reminding you that you were told in the bible to turn the other cheek when you are slapped. This is sheer hypocrisy, anyone that sees something bad should call a spade a spade. I wonder where they were when innocent Christians where being massacred till Johnson Suleiman spoke out as an oracle ( voice of fire ) .
All these Nigerians with holier-than-thou attitude please is there anything wrong with what apostle Suleman said? A group wild herdsmen go to strange lands ,kill innocent people & rape innocent wives and daughters. ( is there really any wrong with his advice to people to start defending themselves since the government is obviously doing nothing apart from assigning blames? ) as far as I’m concerned apostle Johnson gave the right advice to Nigerian Christians so enough with the hypocrisy please. Because i’m sure that all these hypocritical Nigerians criticizing and wondering why a man of God should ask Christians to defend themselves will definitely reconsider their opinion and see the truth in what he was saying once they are in a position where their father is killed,mum and sisters raped and source of livelihood destroyed by this wild herdsmen.
I’m not saying that you should start killing every Fulani herdsman that you come across. All I’m saying is that if someone tries to kill you for no just cause please fight for your right to life . Christianity is not timidity and cowardice. One love – great Nigeria!

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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