Top 5 reasons Nigerians & indians don’t post on facebook

It can be annoying sometimes when you log into your facebook account or into any other social networks to see thousands of ghost friends that don’t chat (well i’m guilty of this ) ,they don’t like or comment on your updates or photos ,and to make matters worse they will refuse to post any update too. You end up wondering what these people are actually doing on social networks since they don’t want to socialize. Most people especially Nigerians and Indians find it difficult to post things online due to the following reasons.

  1. Posters – are – jobless stereotype :
    Gone are the days when people that post regularly on social networks like Facebook were regarded as being jobless . In this era of information communication technology people are now delving into online businesses and affiliate marketing . So even though most people spend their time online some actually make cool cash from posting online. Now I’m not saying that you should log into your Facebook account to start spamming your timeline but at least try to post something nice ,educative or informative once in a while . It doesn’t make you jobless.

  2. Maturity : some Nigerians and Indians regard posting things online once in 2 years as a sign of maturity. I hate to break it to you but posting irregularly on Facebook doesn’t make you mature. The thing that makes you mature is the quality of things that you post and the type of mature comments that you leave on online forums.

  3. Cost : since mark zuckerberg introduced free Facebook to Africa most Nigerians have been making use of it. Sometimes when people people refuse to comment on your updates its probably because they couldn’t see see the photos because photos can’t be seen in free Facebook mode.
    Besides when you recharge and mtn unwillingly manages to give you 10mb you will definitely refuse to waste it .

  4. Intelligence : believe it or not most people that refuse to post meaningful regularly do so because they are not smart enough to think and come up with something unique and different to post . That’s one thing I love about Indians they are very smart.

  5. Character and outlook on life / security: most people don’t post anything thing online for fear of enemies using the information against them especially in Nigeria .
    Other people refuse to share anything meaningful online because they Are too rigid ( mostly pessimists ). You don’t need to be over serious over every simple detail of your life. Sometimes you need to loosen up and have fun. You are on social network to have fun connect with friends. ,meet new people and learn new things. No need of being a cyber ghost all the time. Once in a while share something that will either educate or out a smile on someone’s face. Remember not to share personal details for security reasons.

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