Women please dress & look good for your husbands,here is why

every woman loves attention so their dress nice and act sexy when they are looking for husbands but some stop looking good for their man or husband once they succeed in getting married without knowing that it turns most men off.
I had a routine visit to a family yesterday
and while discharging my duties I kept
wondering how some married ladies quickly
lose a once heavenly savor to tearing their
marriages into shreds..pathetic! While you
were dating, you were always looking
“tempting” and “sexy”, you have your bath
at least morning and night. You use
perfume, smell nice, make your hair
beautiful. Look extremely attractive and
were always in shape. Now you are married,
you are unavoidably out of shape, you don’t
give a damn about how you look or dress,
you appear older than his mother just
because you have one or two kids, you
come to bed reeling of ” kitchen” and you
have to be begged to change your wig or
hair look. You come to bed with dirty hair
net and yet you want to KEEP your
husband? You don’t want him to look at
anyone else and you expect him to be
satisfied with your current state? Please, I
beg of you, don’t leave what you can do for
God to come do. Help yourself, save your
marriage! Take great care of yourself and
remember men are moved by sight! Once
you start looking like a pap-tat..,your
marriage starts hanging like a drone in thin
≈ # constance Hanson®̈́™©2017
written by Constance Hanson

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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