Video : list of personal items that you should never share with friends

    video : list of personal items that you should never share with anyone even if they are your friends and they beg for it
I remember when I was still living in the hostel in my first year. Some people will like to share everything with you. Well ,that’s not really bad but some people will literally beg you for everything including personal items like tooth brush ,underwear ,towels and even sponge. The one that gets me angry is that most of the guys can afford all these stuffs but they already have the mentality of begging wired into their DNA . As long you are on earth once in a while you will be in need of something and its okay to ask for help because no one has it all but when it becomes a habit to beg for “Trivial items ” like toothpaste , bathing soap ,tooth brush ,sponge then it becomes a curse. One day during my hostel days I woke up ,prayed and started preparing for school. I heard three raps on the door and a distant friend came in. We shaked hands and he asked me if my toothpaste was remaining and I answered yes! . I gave it to him and he left. Few minutes later he came back.

“Guy you get sugar? I wan soak garri.” He asked.
Yes I replied and I gave it to him .he jokingly asked for milk and I ignored him.

He came back again
“Guy I forgot to fetch water yesterday and water no dey again can I fill my bucket from gallon of water”?
Yes I replied ,feel free .

“Thanks my G he hailed ! , fine boy! Na you be the only beta person for this school ! You be my personal person !.

I just looked at him and smiled and I continued what I was doing and he left.
Few seconds later he came back.

“Guy ,Abeg my soap don finish ,I go buy another one later but I need your own for now so that I can take my bath and prepare for lecture”. he requested
I gave it to him and he left happily . I heaved a sigh of relieved because I thought it was finally over but I was wrong!.

Kpo kpo kpo !! That was the sound of three raps on the wooden door of our hostel room. He came in with lots of soap lathers on his head.
“Guy ” he asked. “Can you imagine that one of my room mates stole my tooth brush !. I can’t carry a dirty mouth and a bad breath to school ,please borrow me your tooth brush so that I can brush my teeth .”

I looked at him , I wondered if the guy needed a few factory resetting slap or beating. So some people don’t have a limit to what they can share with others ? Even if the person was their best friend?

My main anger was that I didn’t even know the surname of the person that wanted to use my tooth brush and he didn’t know my own yet he wanted me to share such a personal with him.

No!!! I replied . I can give you all the food I have ,I can give you all the money I have if you are really in serious need or problem even if the money was my last card but I can’t share a personal items like toothbrush with you.

OK ,he replied please I need your sponge because I forgot mine when I travelled . Of course I refused to give it to him because it was a personal item that should not be shared with anyone even if the person was a friend.

He angrily left but that never stopped him from coming back to beg for other things later.
It may look like wickedness refusing to share your personal items like sponge and toothbrush but its very risky . It comes with a lot of serious health implications.
Below in this video is a list of personal items that you should never share with anyone and why.

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