Video – Most Wicked Children Murderers that killed Other People in the world

Technically speaking , Biologically, a child (plural: children) is a human being between the stages of birth and puberty. The legal definition of child generally refers to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age of majority. At this age they are seen as beautiful ,harmless ,forgiving and friendly little creatures. Children are incapable of doing anything evil or bad like betrayal ,theft ,murder e.t.c or atleast that is the stereotype that we all believe in. But once in a while all get to meet children that starts deviating from acceptable societal norms at a very tender age! . In the video below is a compilation of children murderers . This kids started killing people and committing murder at a very tender age. For example Cindy Collier & Shirley Wolf. These two teen girls brutally stabbed an elderly woman to death, and then remarked that they thought murder was a “kick” and that they’d love to try it again.😳
In 1968, when she was just eleven, Mary Bell strangled and killed two young boys, even going so far as to carve an “M” into one. She and another girl were tried, though it was the self-possessed Mary who was found guilty. (After the death of one boy, Mary showed up asking to see the boy in his coffin.) She went to prison but was released under a new name in 1980.😰
Fourteen-year-old Joshua Philips’ mom thought his waterbed was leaking, but what she found was much worse. Her son had stored the dead body of a young neighbor girl under his bed and her corpse had been leaking blood and fluids for days. He said her initial injuries were an accident, but Philips was convicted and is still in prison today. Since he was under 16 at the time of his trial, he escaped the death 😬
As a teen, Young began experimenting with poison on his family members. His stepmother eventually died from complications related to the poisoned tea she’d been drinking. Young had long been obsessed with violence and poison, so it wasn’t surprising when he confessed to the crime. He was sent to a mental institute and classified as schizophrenic. He was released in 1970, only to go on to continue to poison his coworkers. Young died in 1990, but in 2005 a young Japanese girl poisoned her mother in a case related to a movie inspired by Young.😏
Venables and Thompson became England’s youngest convicted murderers in 1993 when they were sentenced for the murder of 2-year-old James Bulger. The details of Bulger’s death are pretty disgusting. The boys lured Bulger away from a Liverpool shopping center and took him to an area near some railroad tracks. There, they beat the toddler with bricks and an iron bar before stuffing batteries in his mouth and weighing him down across railroad tracks so that he couldn’t move out of the way of an oncoming train.
Despite the gruesome nature of their crimes, Venables and Thompson were released in 2001 when they turned 18. Both men were given new identities and lifelong protection from having those identities revealed.
Well there are still many more ,the list of children murderers that murdered other kids at a young age doesn’t end here. What could have turned these innocent children that were supposed to be angels into young devils that will not bat an eyelid before committing murder? maybe

  1. its the type of environment that they grew up in or
  2. Troubled childhood e.g peer pressure / bullying that turned them into savage murderers as a payback to the society for treating them badly . Or

  3. Parental upbringing especially children from weird families and divorced parents

  4. Or is it the handwork of the devil ?
    Watch the video Below for more

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