photos: pregnant 5 year old girl impregnated by old man

I wonder what this world is turning into . I wonder who was stupid to sleep with and impregnate this 5yr old little girl .
  pregnant 5 year old little girl
From the information reaching us this young 5yr old girl in these photos was impregnated by her uncle. To think that the old man had the clear conscience to

  1. sleep with a 5 year old child young enough to be his grand daughter.
    1. Oh! And it was incest too because it was his niece!.

Well I hope he gets what he deserves from the law. This incident happen in Africa . In a little village located in plateau state Nigeria.

 young children pregnant child girl

Mothers please be careful who you leave your daughters with ,including the so called uncles and aunts. Not too long ago we all saw a video footage a house help beating and kicking a helpless and another showing a woman kissing ,molesting and abusing a kid left in her care. Please parents be careful because the future of all this kids depends on what you do from now on.👨‍👩‍👧

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