Apostle Johnson Suleman : why the adultery allegations are fake

10 Reasons why the adultery allegations against Apostle Suleman are fake

Apostle Johnson Suleman popularly known as The Oracle or the Voice Of Fire is the senior prophet omega fire ministry worldwide. He is a very powerful man of God that the kingdom of heaven is very proud of . A man that incites fear into the heart of the kingdom of darkness. He carries a raw type of anointing on his head but the thing I love the most about him is that he Apostle Suleman is a fearless preacher that is not afraid to speak out against societal evils not minding whose ox is gored.
It’s no more news that it is people like this that the devil fights the most to bring down so that Christianity will become a laughing stock but when God is standing behind a man it doesn’t matter how many scandalous blackmails & stories that people Cook up to tarnish the image of a true Christian because it will still fail . . It came to everyone as a surprise when a Canadian based Nigerian lady stepped into the limelight to accuse Apostle Suleman of adultery. A Canadian based Nigerian, Stephanie Otobo claimed she had a secret affair with the founder of the Auchi-based Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleiman .
According to some legal documents filed on behalf of Stephanie by Festus Keyamo chambers, the alleged lover claimed to have been dumped by Apostle Suleiman after he promised her marriage.
Stephanie, an Ontario based musician, alleged further that the preacher is using the Nigerian police to silence her and has since been remanded at the Federal Criminal Investigations Department (FCID), Alagbon.
Apostle Suleiman and Otobo, according to her lawyers, met in September 2016.
The allegation was that Apostle suleman committed adultery by sleeping with her several times due to his desire to have male children.
Apostle Suleiman was alleged to have proposed marriage to her followed by a formal introduction of Apostle Suleiman to the Otobo clan in Delta State.
Another grievous accusation was that Apostle Suleiman deceived her & made her to commit abortion by giving her a false concussion to drink that would eliminate the foetus from her womb without her knowledge.
The singer alleged further that she was subsequently abandoned by the preacher who also called off the marriage proposal.
Stephanie alleged further that she proceeded to Warri, where she met another pastor and had told him her story. She said, her naive move- which was recorded- was used by the pastor to extort money from Apostle Suleiman.
Stephanie, through her lawyers, is demanding to be paid the sum of N500million as damages for abandoning her and not honouring his promise to marry her.
Now all this allegations are shocking and most people are happy to hear it because Africans especially Nigerians love it when a well known man of God is accused of adultery so that they can use their mouth to dissect the person,but closer examination will show that the adultery allegations are false.

Here are top 10 reasons why I think the adultery allegations against Apostle Suleiman should be dismissed because they are obviously fake!.

  1. The Marriage introduction : Number 1 reason why I think the adultery allegation is fake is because The lady claims there was a kind of introduction or traditional marriage that was carried out by apostle suleman. This is one area her claims flaws greatly. Someone as well known as Pastor Suleman cannot do a traditional marriage without it hitting blogs and evening newspapers at least. Someone among the attendees will certainly leak it. Its a fake allegation because If it was true lindaikeji’s blog would have gotten some info about it be sister Linda can never miss publishing a celebrity gossip of this magnitude . Its safe to assume that it’s not possible for for someone as popular as apostle suleman to do a marriage introduction without any of his church members or our hungry bloggers discovering what was happening .
  2. Traditional marriage of that caliber must evidently have at least a picture or video. How come there is no single photo or is it a taboo to take photos during marriage ceremonies in delta state? Besides every woman would like to have photos of memorable events in her life like her traditional marriage ceremony ! . So absence of photos shows that the allegations are false.

  3. Apostle Suleman’s alleged father inlaw :
    The girl’s father that could have given some relevance or credibility to the girl’s fake allegations totally denied her claims even when she involved her dad in her video testimony. When her father denied the allegations she changed her story and claimed that the introduction was done in the Apostle’s office.
    Who does a marriage introduction with a married preacher in the married preacher’s office in a mega church where he is known as the sin-fighting founder? Please have you ever heard of where a MARRIAGE introduction was done in a pastor’s office in Africa? A marriage introduction that usually involves the presence of inlaws & drinks (probably alcoholics) in a pastor’s office? The inconsistencies in her stories is enough to prove that her allegations against apostle Suleman is fake.

  4. A relationship that intimate as the girl claims should at least have one picture of the two together in loved up postures and not just a snapchat photoshop that says nothing..

  5. The testimony of Johnson suleman’s wife : Mrs Lizzy Johnson Suleman has already come out to defend her husband’s innocence . She confirmed that in all the years that they have lived together that her husband never gave her any reason to doubt his faithfulness and Fidelity. Now if Apostle Suleman has been living an amorous lifestyle like the so called Stephanie is alleging he would have mistakenly given out at least one tiny clue or vibe that his observant wife notice .little drops of grass shows an elephant hunter the direction that the wind is blowing. You can’t just wake up from your bed to accuse a man with an impeccable history of adultery and expect us to clap for you.😏

6. The kind of wife that Apostle Johnson Suleman married : there is a saying that all men are dogs that can go for anything in skirts anytime anyday but that’s a big lie. Psychological speaking every man has their type or taste in women. For example I love everyone but there is a very low percentage probability that I will engage in a romantic relationship with a fat lady though I know most men prefer ladies with oversized busts but as for me its a big turn off so if someone wakes up tomorrow to spin rumours that I slept with a busty lady then you can be 100% sure that the person is lying. If you see Apostle Suleman’s beautiful and classy wife you will admit that “indeed the apostle sabi beta tin”! (Meaning that apostle Suleman truly has eye for quality! ) . Comparing the scrawny looking Stephanie to apostle’s wife is indeed a big insult to Mrs Lizzy Johnson Suleman. I’m not saying that Apostle Suleman is perfect ,I’m not saying that he can’t commit adultery but atleast next time that you feel like tarnishing his name with dirty scandals please try and find a presentable lady that is better than or at least as good as his wife! 😆

  1. How come all these things are happening at a time some powerful folks are after the downfall of the pastor.
  • No fake Nigerian pastor will want to divorce his wife and marry a stripper because in an effort to hide their hypocrisy there are certain things they wouldn’t publicly do.
    All I’m simply saying is that the girls stories do not add up at all. Even when you listen to her video testimony, the way she’s stuttering and fumbling and her lack of cordination easily showcases an individual trying hard to arrange lies.

  • Why did Apostle Suleman help the lady by sending money to her in the past if he wasn’t sleeping with her ?
  • Was Apostle Johnson Suleiman sleeping with Nollywood Actor, Leo Mezie, when he paid his entire medical bill of £60,000 for kidney transplant in the U.K.? This is what Sahara Reporters and Premium Times would not tell you!
    Was apostle Suleman sleeping with the nine poor Nigerians (male and female) he gave cars to on February 5th, 2016? Was he sleeping with the 30 widows and other indigent people that he gave out millions to, to start their own businesses?
    This is an exact quote from the Nollywood star, Leo Mezie, who gave this testimony last year, ever before the Jezebel stripper made her lying allegations: “I want to at this point thank Apostle Suleman Johnson for all what he did for me. I have never met him before; I took ill but as soon he heard the news, he contacted me and asked that we stopped all further public appeal for fund. He then took over all my medical bills, I mean every one of it throughout my stay in the UK. I did not lack anything. I thank God for using Apostle Suleman Johnson to save me from death.”
    This is a man with a Christ-like mind who lives and loves to help people and you wicked souls who will not even spare a dime to help your own starving relations, how much more a stranger, come here to condemn him! And then you wonder why Nigeria has no helpers?
    10. She claimed she would expose expose Apostle Suleman for adultery with copies of raunchy and dirty photos of them cuddled up in uncompromising positions right ? If her allegations were true how come no evidence is been showed forth to back up up her claims? It’s obvious that the adultery allegations against apostle Suleman are fake!

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