Abandoning a lifestyle of sin

abandoning a lifestyle of sin            .
Sin is one of the few things that is incorporated into man’s DNA. It started from our forefathers Adam & Eve . Without Christ it will be difficult ,infact impossible to please God or make heaven because as humans we will keep reverting to a lifestyle of sin .
Trying to abandon a sinful lifestyle is not

    It requires a lot of hard work, determination,

and persevering, even in the midst of
With all of the above, it comes as no surprise
that a lot of people fall back to their old ways,
and let go of their goal.
Today, our discussion will be focussing on practical ways through which we can abandon a lifestyle of sin.
Here are 4 ways to abandon a life of sin
and embrace a Godly lifestyle.

1. Figure out the why, what the goal is and
hold on to it : Trying to change or letting of
habits is never easy. However, you can achieve
your goal by understanding why you need a
change. Once this is done, you need to
determine the goal, which is finding God and
living a life, your creator can be proud of. This
will be your anchor & it will definitely help you in your resolution of abandoning a lifestyle of sin since you have identified reasons why you should let go of your sinful lifestyle.

2. Abandon your old lifestyle completely: Just
like the new believers at Ephesus, who brought
out all their books on witchcraft and
pornography and burned them in public, you
also have to let go of your old ways. This is
both mental and physical. Physically, you
might have to throw out some clothes, movies,
books, and so. Mentally, you need to slowly
change your thoughts, behaviour, and the
words that come out of your mouth.

3. Build up your spirituality by reading the
Bible : Step 2 says free your mind of the bad,
this step says fill up that empty space with
the word of God. This way, you are not left
empty, or open to negativity. “Man shall not
live by bread alone, but by every word that
proceedeth out of the mouth of God” (Matthew
4:4 KJV).

4. Pray constantly: “Stay alert; be in prayer so
you don’t wander into temptation” (Matthew
26:41 MSG). The only way to avoid going back
to your ways is to pray constantly. Praying
reminds us of our vulnerability to sin, and the
desperate need to hold on to God, the author
and finisher of our faith.

Remember to put Jesus first because he is the only man that can truly help you in your resolve of abandoning a lifestyle of sin. May you never miss heaven in Jesus name. Amen

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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