Grenfell tower fire survivor is now living in a hotel with his son

Grenfell tower fire survivor is now living in a hotel with his son
 Grenfell tower fire survivor is living now in a hotel with his son
Grenfell Tower survivor who was rescued by firefighters from his tenth floor flat after SIX hours as the inferno ripped through the building is still living in a hotel with his son.

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Grenfell Tower survivor who was rescued by firefighters from his tenth floor flat after SIX hours as the inferno ripped through the building is still living in a hotel with his son
By Amie Gordon For Mailonline
15:26 BST 03 Jul 2017, updated 16:09 BST 03 Jul 2017
Italian Antonio Roncolato lived with his son on the tenth floor of Grenfell Tower
57-year-old hotel worker hit out at the authorities for failing to protect residents
He lost all his belongings and several friends as the block went up in flames
A survivor of the Grenfell Tower inferno has revealed how he was trapped in the burning building for some six hours and feared he would not make it out alive.
Antonio Roncolato, who shared a flat on the tenth floor of the Kensington high rise with his son Chris, was eventually rescued by firefighters at 6.30am as the flames engulfed the building.
The 57-year-old Italian national has since said he is lucky to be alive – but hit out at the authorities for cutting corners and failing to protect residents.
Antonio Roncolato, 57, was trapped in his tenth floor flat in Grenfell Tower
Antonio Roncolato.

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