handsome model killed in Baghdad for his good looks

handsome model killed in Baghdad for his good looks
  handsome model killed in Baghdad for his good looks
A male model was found tortured and murdered with his body dumped in the street over his what is thought to be his good looks and tight clothes.
Karar Nushi, who was studying at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, was receiving death threats, according to his fans, because of his hairstyle and the outfits he chose to wear.
His body was dumped in Palestine Street, north of the capital, covered in stab wounds and showing signs that he was brutally tortured before being killed.
Karar Nushim pictured, was said to be preparing for a male beauty pageant before he was murdered
The male model was killed for the outfits he decided to wear and for his flamboyant hairstyle, according to his fans On social media, his fans said anonymous thugs had messaged him to say they were going to kill him because they disapproved of his lifestyle, according to Iraqi News.
Nushi, who donned flowing, blonde locks, was understood to have been preparing to take part in a male beauty pageant.
Mourners on social media paid tribute to the popular figure, with some blaming ISIS for spreading an ideology of hate throughout the country.
Islamist groups in Baghdad are said to be behind the murders of several murders in Iraq – many of them involving the victim’s sexuality.
Homosexuality is illegal under strict Islamic Sharia law, which ISIS abide by, and several gay men have been known to be executed by the terror group simply for their sexual orientation.

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