Drunk mom and dad arrested for taking kid to beer parlour.

Drunk mom and dad arrested for taking kid to beer parlour.
  Drunk mom and dad arrested for taking kid to beer parlour
A couple from Mobile, Alabama, has been arrested after they allegedly took their baby to a bar while they were in Indianapolis for a work conference. The mother was reported to have been “drinking, smoking, and breastfeeding at the same time.”
Michael Trosclair, 45, and Shari Tremba, 42, were arrested when they took their infant daughter to the Wild Beaver Saloon on June 16, according to the Daily Mail.
Tremba was even seen offering people sex in exchange for beer, according to the police affidavit.
“Partying was more important than their child,” wrote Detective Nicole Flynn in a report about the incident, AL.com reports.
Trosclair, a former pastor, and Tremba, a life coach, were charged with neglect of a dependent in a situation that endangers the dependent, as well as public intoxication.
Police responded to a call around 12:38 a.m. that a woman had been drinking while breastfeeding an infant, and found Tremba outside of the bar after she had been kicked out. The baby was “quiet and sleeping” in a nearby stroller, wrote Sgt. Ty Van Wagner in the police report.
A witness told police that Tremba had been drinking at the bar since at least 10:30 p.m., and that she had been kicked out of the bar. Another witness even said that Tremba had left the baby outside in a stroller unattended while she went into the bar to get a drink.
Tremba’s Breath Alcohol Concentration was .193 when she was arrested.

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