katy perry reaches 100 million followers on twitter

katy perry reaches 100 million followers on twitter
  katy perry reaches 100 million followers on twitter
American singer, Katy Perry has now become the first person to reach 100 million followers on Twitter and it’s a big accomplishment and also a good timing for the singer who is promoting her new album, “Witness.”
For Perry, Twitter has been one of her main forms of communication with her fans.
She’s sparked some major conversations on the social media platform, including one about her much discussed 2015 Super Bowl Halftime performance in which #LeftShark became a worldwide trending topic after one of her backup dancers, dressed as a shark, appeared to be out of step.

Beyounce announces pregnancy to the world on Instagram.,show off her nude baby bump

Beyonce naked pregnant bump
It was Just like every other day before Beyonce did something that set the world of instagram on fire . Famous american singer Beyonce who is a proud mother of Blueivy announced to the whole world that she is pregnant again,this time we are expecting twins. She posted this on her Instagram page today. This pregnant picture that she posted on instagram showing her baby bump to the world immediately garnered millions of likes . This pregnant photo of lady Beyonce Knowles showcasing her pregnacy bump to the world currently holds the title of the most liked photo on instagram.
Beyonce the whole world is really happy for you.

Stella Damascus against 2baba’s protest for Nigerians,see her reasons here

Stella Damascus just released a video condemning 2face protest .
She advised that the time that will be used in carrying out the protest could be used for other more useful things. I wonder what could be more productive than a group of people standing up for their rights,fighting against societal problems and oppression ,protesting for a better tomorrow.
But I don’t really blame Stella Damascus’s reluctance to participate in 2face’s proposed protest because

  1. Stella Damascus is outside Nigeria enjoying herself so you can bet that she doesn’t know the sufferings that Nigerians are going through that’s why she won’t support 2baba’s protest.
  2. Stella Damascus is definitively trying to be in the good books of the federal goverment . You can’t blame her though because everyone that speaks up in the era is usually prosecuted even when the person that is speaking up is saying the right thing. We all remember how apostle Suleman was almost arrested and questioned by Dss e.t.c

Here video was shared on nairaland and Nigerians that saw the important of 2baba’s protest reacted immediately. Some of their comments included

  • by Iamforreal (f ): 5:23pm On Feb 01

Is she not in the US? She doesn’t understand
ni, its not her fault.

  • Idibia’s Protest
    by EmperorLee (m):

    6:10pm On Feb 01
    Productive things like snatching someone’s
    Husband abi ? Ode agbalagba, mtcheew.

  • by nabegibeg : 6:11pm On Feb 01

  • Stella you dey america dey tell us how to run nigeria
    abi u mental
    face your borrow borrow husband abeg
    who you epp

    • by Aitee1 (f ): 6:11pm On Feb 01

    I can see the productive thing you’re doing
    madam by running to another man’s land
    instead of developing yours
    She better keep quiet b4 those suffering down
    here currse her…nansense!!!

    by Damilare5882 (m ): 6:11pm On Feb 01
    Youths ..let’s form a poilitcal party as against
    2019 and take this country back from all these
    hungry fools and make it better #

    • seunlayi (m): 6:13pm On Feb 01
      Stella damascus whether you
      Standwithbuhari or StandAGAINSTbuhari,
      WAKE UP

    by ekems2017 (f ): 6:13pm On Feb 01
    Pls all this celebs Tuface is a Nigerian. He
    has the right to freedom of speech. Wether you
    support him or not. The protest will hold as
    planned. What have you done to help in this
    situation we have found ourselves? Only one
    thing ie CRITICISM.

    Please Aunty Stella don’t you think that with
    the price of kerosene at N490 per litre and fuel
    at N160 per litre, it will be more economical
    for you to start Cooking with fuel, kindly let
    me know your thought.