88year old grandpa graduates with distinction – Horace Sheffiel

Most grandpas and grandmas are really making us proud by breaking past records in all areas of life. Grandpa sheffiel horace suprised everyone when he graduated from a college with distinction.
   88year old grandpa graduates with distinction - Horace Sheffiel
In his graduating gown and academic hat, Horace Sheffield took a snapshot with a placard that read “With God all things are possible”.
At 88 he has just attained the degree that he did not obtain in his youth. 60 years later he went back to school to fulfill an abandoned dream.
Horace Sheffield is from Barnesville, Georgia. He quit school in the 1960’s to attend and provide for his daughters. Obtaining the degree was neither a necessity nor a priority back then.
“I dropped out with 115 hours. At that time a piece of paper on a wall didn’t mean that much to me. I had my education and my brain and my heart, and I put them all to good use. But 60 years later I wanted that degree.”
The 88-year-old man traded his education for his daughters’. Sheffield was a student at Shorter University before he dropped out.
As a retired civil servant, Horace wanted to go back to school and complete his degree. However his pension would not be sufficient to see him through school.
Fatefully, he saw an article that senior citizens like himself can go to college without tuition fees, he was delighted.

      88year old grandpa graduates with distinction - Horace Sheffiel
“I’m retired and living on fixed income, and I did not think I could go to college and pay tuition. But when I saw this article that senior citizens could go to college for free, Shorter accepted me at no tuition.
The elderly scholar-thirsty man said he only had to pay $200 graduation fee.
Walking across the stage to receive his diploma, Horace was accompanied by his tutor, Amanda Brannock. Horace received a standing ovation as he proceeded to the stage.
The old man never fails to thank Amanda for her role in his academic accomplishment.
“She wrote out my assignments and told me what to do and she expected me to do it,”
“She expected me to make straight As and I did it. I wrote two papers a week and then had the test… Without her I would not have this diploma today.”
    88year old grandpa graduates with distinction - Horace Sheffiel

Horace obtained his Bachelor of Science through online courses. He would write his weekly papers and test in long-hand. Then Amanda’s job would be to translate it and submit them online. He studied Christian Studies.
She would take her own computer and printer to his house for him to use for classwork.
Brannock and Sheffield were acquaintances from church. Both share a similar academic moment in the past. Amanda who has no degree yet, left school at some point because of financial constraints.
Calling him “a sweetheart”, the nice woman said it was her pleasure to help him see his dream come true. Tutoring Horace took as long as 2 years and Amanda was devoted all through it.
“He’s inspired me to keep going and I hope I inspired him to keep going.”
Horace Sheffield hopes to return the favor by walking across the stage someday to get her degree.
“He’s insisting that he walk across the stage with me when I get to graduate.”
   88year old grandpa graduates with distinction - Horace Sheffiel

9 ways to read & remember

This article was written to show you 9 comon techniques that you can use to remember what you read.
9 ways to & remember
It is one thing to read a book and another to remember everything you read. A lot of motivation is lost when you read a book only to find out that you cannot recall what you read even at the shortest period of time. It is a common event among many students and this has led to the conclusion, “If I read, I’ll forget because I have low retentive memory” . This statement is however not true! Yes, no one has low retentive memory.
While some forget everything they read, others can recall it easily. Have you ever wondered why this happens? A lot of students who fail examinations have reported they do read but forget everything they read which is why I have decided to write this article. Trust me, if you can follow this article to the end and put the guidelines into action, your retentive power will surely increase.
Your mindset when reading speaks on whether you will remember or forget what you are reading. A question you should ask is, ” What should my mindset be while reading? “.
The answer to this question is the key to unlock your hidden power of remembrance. Your aim of reading should be to gain knowledge. You may want to ask, “Am I not aiming to gain knowledge while reading? Of course you are!. But, you are gaining knowledge only to pass examination!
Many reader who are yet to discover their hidden power of remembrance have the mindset of reading in order to pass their examination which makes them to cram rather than understand the content of the book. As a result, they forget everything they read immediately after the examination which has led to a common saying among students when you ask them questions,
“I was taught last term/session, I have forgotten”.
“Therefore, change your mindset while reading. Read to gain knowledge, make sure you understand the concept of what you are reading and don’t just read to pass an examination”
Students regard some of the information in a book as “story” and decide to skip them. This is common especially when reading for examination. Before you can understand and remember what you read, just have to read enough. The secret is, “The more you read, the more you understand and the more you remember” . You cannot read four sentences and expect to know five. So, neglect the belief of regarding some of the content of a book as story because there are hidden secrets in every sentence!
Research has proven that writing down what you are reading helps you to remember more. After reading for several minutes, try to write down everything you have read without looking at it(Writing it in your own word is allowed). This will help you to know the part you don’t understand, so you can go over it again. This is a very effective method which I have been using for quite a long time and I am sure it will work for you!.

    If you have been forgetting what you read, it is because you either crammed it or you did not understand. After reading for a while, try to explain to yourself, it will help you to know if you really understand the concept of what you are reading.
    Readings for 10hours without taking a break does not make you a bookworm but I’ll rather call it a waste of time. Yes, a waste of time!. Your brain is a biological organ and not a machine, it also gets tired. Effective reading habit should be cultivated as it is more yielding. When I say effective reading, after reading for 1-2hours, you tend to lose concentration when your brain gets stressed. Don’t force yourself to continue reading but just take reading but just take a 10-30minutes break depending on you until you feel relaxed and good to go again. After the break, try to recall everything you have read before the break, then you can proceed with your reading.
    Mnemonic is a technique used to remember what you read very quickly and accurately. This is especially used to remember listed items. You can easily remember the activity series of metals by using the mnemonic- “King Nelson Can Make A Zoo For Some…” where the letters in Capital form represent the symbol for the metal which are “K-Potassium, N-Sodium, Ca-Calcium, M-Magnessium, A-Aluminium, Z-Zinc, F-Iron, S-Tin…” It is very easy to know the mnemonic than knowing how to list the metals using their names.
    Music is also efficient method. You’ll agree with me that most of the rhymes your we’re taught still sticks to your brain because of the use of music. If you were not taught like that, you’ll have forgotten everything.
    Though personal reading is necessary, group reading is more effective. Yes, it is!. Try group reading, discuss with friends, explain it to one another, argue with them and you will definitely remember more.
    Revise everything you have read after some days. It help you to recall the concept of what you read. Don’t forget the scope behind it “The more you read, the more you understand and the more you remember”. So, read it again, again and again until you cannot forget again.
    The more you cultivate the habit of using what you read, the more you remember. English language for example, if you fail to make use of the laws while speaking with people, you will definitely forget them!. Have you wondered why you can read the National Anthem which you were taught in Primary school but cannot remember what you were taught in biology last year? It is because you make use of The National Anthem everything but not what you were taught in biology. So, if you read, make use of the content.


why a christain university is expensive

Top 5 reasons why church or Christians universities are more expensive
Top 5 reasons why Christian universities owned by churches are too expensive for the poor
I have been reading lots of articles where people come online to criticize Christians or churches for making their private universities too expensive or inaccessible to the poor in the society including the members of the so called churches . Some even go as far as calling powerful men of God like papa David Oyedepo fraudsters (well may God forgive them ). In this post we are going to be discussing 5 possible reasons why Christian universities are expensive because according to newton’s third law of motion action and reaction are equal and opposite meaning that for every cause there is a reason .
Written by By Ife Olaleye:
Source of capital:
There has been so much buzz about Church
universities being expensive in Nigeria and I
would like to address some of this
controversies mostly using Covenant
University as a case study.
Tithes/Offerings are used to build Church
Universities ? This seems to be a widely
asserted theory. This is partly not true
because most Churches don’t exactly use
Tithes/Offerings for building church
universities but create special donations for
that purpose. Usually, the initial university
capital projects are funded with these
donations. We have to remember that the core
mandate of any church isn’t not to create
universities but to preach the gospel of Jesus
and help the poor and that is done with
tithes/offering to establish outreaches, pay
pastoral salaries, build new churches etc.
Donations can’t sustain recurrent expenditure:
while ‘excited’ members would usually agree
to pay donations for the initial financial
responsibility of the universities. No church
would be able to get its church members to
continually pay for its recurrent expenditure. In
fact if any of these church schools were to try
and choose continual donations as an
alternative to ‘High’ tuition fees the next thing
you would see are private university lecturers
going on strike.

Profit: Are Church universities profitable? I do not
believe any sane investor or business man
would venture into the tertiary education
sector with the aim of making profit. There is
a reason why you wouldn’t find Otedola or
Dangote investing in education. If you do your
research properly you would find that till
today Covenant university hasn’t made any
profit for its proprietors. Let us examine the
revenue vs expenditure of Covenant university
for example. The Covenant university tuition
(undergraduate) ranges between
600,000-800,000 depending on level/program
but I would base it on 700k. There are about
7,000 students on campus at a given time so I
multiply 700,000 by 7,000=4.9 billion. So the
university’s revenue from tuition fees is about
4.9 billion.
When considering expenditure I would like to
keep the value projections conservative. I
believe Covenant University’s wage bill to be
around 500 million/month but I would
calculate using 400 million since that is the
average wage bill for a Nigerian university. So
400 million x 12 months= 4.8 billion. I
currently don’t know how much CU pays to get
electricity but reports had it that in 2012 the
university spent 700 million naira on
electricity. I would deliberately exclude
expenditures like research grant, conference
support, Infrastructure, field trips, medical
services, internet provision e.t.c because I do
not have real data to conclude how much they
gulp yearly. So using just wage bill+Electricity,
the university has spent 5.5 billion when the
tuition fee is about 4.8 billion. This proves the
former NUC president, Peter Okebukola right
when he said that ‘’Church universities were
being too dependent on the Church’’. Also, the
VC of Crawford did buttress the fact that the
proprietor base still donates 500 million yearly
to Crawford as subsidy. If these subsidies
weren’t in place Church universities would
have been more expensive that secular ones.

Assumed wealth of the Church: there is a
saying in Yoruba land that ‘’the chicken
sweats but the feathers won’t let you know’’.
Would you believe that Oyedepo nearly missed
his own deadline for the establishment of the
first two halls of residence in Covenant
University? because donations weren’t coming
forth, until God miraculously provided.
‘Expensive’ tuition isn’t unique to Pentecostal
Churches : whilst many choose to assault Pa.
Adeboye and Bishop Oyedepo for charging
high tuition fees. It is important to note that
even Orthodox churches which are known not
to be ‘’prosperity conscious’’ charge within
the same bracket e.g Bowen(Baptist), ECWA
(Bingham), Godfrey Okoye(Catholic), Adventist
(Babcock), JABU(CAC), Methodist(Wesley)
Expensive tuition isn’t unique to Church
universities alone; Church universities are
ranked to be generally good with Covenant
University averagely in top three on the two
out of four most reputable rankings in the
world-Webometrics and Times higher
education. However Islamic schools that are
not in the top 50 universities in Nigeria but
also charge about half a million(e.g Crescent)
which is about the same thing CU charges.
The underlining purpose for creating Church
schools ; This is very important, the creation of
church schools isn’t to actually teach physics
and chemistry, but to create a spiritual
revolution. Take that spiritual revolution away
from CU, then it is by no means different from
Afebabalola university. Therefore, if you are a
committed member of your church you are
already a member of that movement. For
instance I am not a living faith member, but
by attending CU I have joined myself to the
spiritual movement of the church.