4 Lessons to be learnt from defeat & failure

This article was written to show you 4 Lessons to be learnt from defeat or failure.
  Lessons to be learnt from defeat & failure
Lets be honest no one loves defeat. Being defeated can be very painful especially if its something that you gave your best . Every situation nomatter how bad it seems has atleast one hidden advantage attached to it. Nothing is completely useless because even a faulty clock shows the correct time twice in a day.
So what are the benefits or lessons that can be derived from defeat or setbacks? i can think of at least four valuable lessons failure gives us.

(1)It is a great teacher: failure or defeat serves as an eye opener that opens your eyes to the true situation of things. You discover who your true friends are and you learn how to correct your mistakes in other prevent the same thing from happening again.

(2)Defeat builds character: defeat is not a good thing but it changes your character and the way you think. At this point you either develop the habit of giving up or perseverance in fighting for your dreams.

(3)It motivates you: if you develop an attitude of optimism you will start seeing defeat merely as an invitation to try again.

(4)It helps u appreciate success: there is a saying that you dont know the value of what you have till you lose it. When failure or defeat knocks on your door you will automatically learn to value that goal when you succede.

IT IS A GREAT TEACHER….Yes,defeat is a great teacher. Every winner has played the looser. Every champion has been the runner-up.Roger Federer is considered one of the best tennis players of all time,but he doesn’t win every game,set or match. He hits bad shots into the net.He slams, serves out of bounds. He fails to place the tennis ball where he wants it dozens of times in every match. If Roger gave up in every failed shot he did he would have been a failure. Instead,he learnt from his mistakes and improved and That’s why he is a champion today. Work hard,practice,Master the fundamentals,and always try to do your best knowing that sometimes you will fail because if you have never failed then its because you have never tried to succeed. Don’t be too hard on yourself. When things don’t go as planned please dont give up,dont kill yourself ,keep on improving.
Don’t give up because you were turned down,though it hurts remember that the road to success is not always smooth . Nothing good comes easy. Once you accept that perfection is just a goal,screwing up wont be too bad to handle. Each misstep is still a step,another lesson learned,another opportunity to get it right the next time.Have a great day ahead!
Written by Mercy ogbonna /introductory notes by God’spower excellence

true story: love is blind

 true love story,love is blind, happy couple
Someone sent this love story to me and I felt like sharing it here on handsomebeauty. Indeed true love is blind to faults and it is hard to find .

A man married a beautiful girl. He loved her very much. One day she developed a skin disease. Slowly she started to lose her beauty. It so happened that one day her husband left for a tour.
While returning he met with an accident and lost his eyesight. However their married life continued as usual. But as days passed she lost her beauty gradually. Blind husband did not know this and there was not any difference in their married life. He continued to love her and she also loved him very much.
One day she died. Her death brought him great sorrow.
He finished all her last rites and wanted to leave that town.
A man from behind called and said, now how will you be able to walk all alone? All these days your wife used to help you.
He replied, I am not blind. I was acting, because if she knew l could see her ugliness it would have pained her more than her disease. So I pretended to be blind. She was a very good wife. I only wanted to keep her happy.
Moral:- Some times it is good for us to act blind and ignore one another’s short comings, in order to be happy
No matter how many times the teeth bite the tongue, they still stay together in one mouth. That’s the spirit of FORGIVENESS. Even though the eyes don’t see each other, they see things together, blink simultaneously and cry together. That’s UNITY.” May the Lord grant us all the spirit of forgiveness and togetherness.
1. ”Alone I can ‘Say’ but together we can ‘talk’.
2. “Alone I can ‘Enjoy’ but together we can celebrate
3. ‘Alone I can ‘Smile’ but together we can ‘Laugh’.
That’s the BEAUTY of Human Relations. We are nothing without each other
The razor blade is sharp but can’t cut a tree; the axe is strong but can’t cut the hair.
MORALS; *Everyone is important according to his/her unique purpose,Never look down on anyone unless you are admiring their shoes
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The love of a 6yr old boy for his sister

 The love of a 6yr old boy for his sister
A 6 years old boy was in the market with his 4 years old sister.
Suddenly the boy found that his sister was lagging behind.
He stopped and looked back. His sister was standing in front of a toy shop and was watching something with great interest.
The boy went back to her and asked, “Do you want something?” The sister pointed at the doll. The boy held her hand and like a responsible elder brother, gave that doll to her. The sister was very very happy…
The shopkeeper was watching everything and getting amused to see the matured behaviour of the boy…
Now the boy came to the counter and asked the
shopkeeper, “What is the cost of this doll, Sir? !”
The shopkeeper was a cool man and had experienced the odds of life. So he asked the boy with a lot of love & affection, “Well, What can you pay?”
The boy took out all the shells that he had collected from sea shore, from his pocket and gave them to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper took the shells and started counting as if he were counting the currency. Then he looked at the boy. The boy asked him worriedly, “Is it less?”
The shopkeeper said, “No, No… These are more than the cost. So I will return the remaining.” Saying so, he kept only 4 shells with him and returned the remaining.
The boy, very happily kept those shells back in his pocket and went away with his sister.
A servant in that shop got very surprised watching all these. He asked his master, “Sir ! You gave away such a costly doll just for 4 shells ???”
The shopkeeper said with a smile, “Well, for us these are mere shells.
But for that boy, these shells are very precious. And at this age he does not understand what money is, but when he will grow up, he definitely will. And when he would remember that he purchased a doll with the Shells instead of Money, he will remember me and think that the world is full of Good people.
It will help him develop a positive attitude and he too in turn will feel motivated to be Good.”
Whatever emotion you infuse into the world, it will further spread. If you do good, goodness will spread. If you do bad, negativity will spread.
Realize you are a very powerful source of energy. Your good or bad will come back to you magnified. Not in the ways you want it, and probably not in the ways you can understand it. But it will come back…
I hope you enjoyed reading the story of
The love of a 6yr old boy for his sister . 💖💝 drop your opinions in the comment box below and share to your loved ones!🌺

Bill gates – Never forget your past

  inspiration, Bill gates never forget your past
Bill Gate in a restaurant
After eating, he gave $5 to the waiter as a tip.
The waiter had a strange feeling on his face after the tip.
Gates realized and asked, “what happened”
Waiter.. I’m just amazed because on the same table your daughter gave a Tip of…. $500…
And you her father, the richest man in the world only gave $5…?
Gates smiled and replied with meaningful words, “she is daughter of the world’s richest man. But I am the son of a wood cutter” …..

7 beautiful principles of the Eagle by Dr myles monroe

  7 beautiful principles of the eagle by Dr Myles monroe

Wow I’m sure you will definitely love this beautifully educative and inspirational sermon from Dr Myles Monroe. I saw it somewhere on net and I decide to share it here on handsomebeauty blog.

Principle 1
Eagles fly alone at high altitude and not with sparrows or other small birds. No other bird can get to the height of the eagle. Stay away from sparrows and ravens. This is one beautiful quality that makes the eagle unique from other birds. So if you want to be an eagle be selective about the type of friends that you keep .

Eagles fly with Eagles.

Principle 2
Eagles have strong vision. They have the ability to focus on something up to five kilometers away. When an eagle sights his prey, he narrows his focus on it and set out to get it. No matter the obstacles, the eagle will not move his focus from the prey until he grabs it. Don’t allow the beautiful things of life to destroy your focus because all that glitters is not gold.

Have a vision and remain focused no matter what the obstacle and you will succeed.

Principle 3
Eagles do not eat dead things. They feed only on fresh prey. Vultures eat dead animals, but eagles will not.

Be careful with what you feed your eyes and ears with, especially in movies and on TV. Steer clear of outdated and old information. Always do your research well.

Principle 4
Eagles love the storm. When clouds gather, the eagles get excited. The eagle uses the storm’s wind to lift himself higher. Once it finds the wind of the storm, the eagles uses the raging storm to lift himself above the clouds. This gives the eagle an opportunity to glide and rest its wings. In the meantime, all the other birds hide in the leaves and branches of the trees. Always see the best in the worst of situations. One beautiful thing about life is that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

We can use the storms of life to rise to greater heights. Achievers relish challenges and use them profitably.

Principle 5
The Eagle tests before it trusts. When a female eagle meets a male and they want to mate, she flies down to earth with the male pursuing her and she picks a twig. She flies back into the air with the male pursuing her. Once she has reached a height high enough for her, she lets the twig fall to the ground and watches it as it falls. The male chases after the twig. The faster it falls, the faster he chases it. He has to catch it before it falls to the ground. He then brings it back to the female eagle.

The female eagle grabs the twig and flies to a higher altitude and then drops the twig for the male to chase. This goes on for hours, with the height increasing until the female eagle is assured that the male eagle has mastered the art of catching the twig which shows commitment. Then and only then, will she allow him to mate with her.

Whether in private life or in business, one should test commitment of people intended for partnership. Don’t be deceived by beauty or appearance . Test people before you trust them in life to avoid cries of ” had I known”.

Principle 6
When ready to lay eggs, the female and male eagle identify a place very high on a cliff where no predators can reach. The male flies to earth and picks thorns and lays them on the crevice of the cliff, then flies to earth again to collect twigs which he lays in the intended nest. He flies back to earth and picks thorns laying them on top of the twigs. He flies back to earth and picks soft grass to cover the thorns. When this first layering is complete the male eagle runs back to earth and picks more thorns, lays them on the nest; runs back to get grass it on top of the thorns, then plucks his feathers to complete the nest. The thorns on the outside of the nest protect it from possible intruders. Both male and female eagles participate in raising the eagle family. She lays the eggs and protects them; he builds the nest and hunts. During the time of training the young ones to fly, the mother eagle throws the eaglets out of the nest. Because they are scared, they jump into the nest again.

Next, she throws them out and then takes off the soft layers of the nest, leaving the thorns bare. When the scared eaglets again jump into the nest, they are pricked by thorns. Shrieking and bleeding they jump out again this time wondering why the mother and father who love them so much are torturing them. Next, mother eagle pushes them off the cliff into the air. As they shriek in fear, father eagle flies out and catches them up on his back before they fall and brings them back to the cliff. This goes on for sometime until they start flapping their wings. They get excited at this newfound knowledge that they can fly.
This tell us that success and the beautiful things of life come with prices and sacrifices.

The preparation of the nest teaches us to prepare for changes; The preparation for the family teaches us that active participation of both partners leads to success; The being pricked by the thorns tells us that sometimes being too comfortable where we are may result into our not experiencing life, not progressing and not learning at all. The thorns of life come to teach us that we need to grow, get out of the nest and live on. We may not know it but the seemingly comfortable and safe haven may have thorns.

The people who love us do not let us languish in sloth but push us hard to grow and prosper. Even in their seemingly bad actions they have good intentions for us.

Principle 7
When an Eagle grows old, his feathers become weak and cannot take him as fast as he should. When he feels weak and about to die, he retires to a place far away in the rocks. While there, he plucks out every feather on his body until he is completely bare. He stays in this hiding place until he has
grown new feathers, then he can come out.

We occasionally need to shed off old habits and items that burden us without adding to our lives.
Let’s start emulating the beautiful lifestyle of the eagle from today.

Written by Dr Myles Monroe.

Source Sharelife

7 motivational and inspirational quotes from Zig ziglar

  happy couple

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing–that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could” – Zig Ziglar

“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.” – Zig Ziglar

“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.” – Zig Ziglar

“Make today worth remembering.” – Zig Ziglar

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar

GOD is too faithful to fail

 God is too faithful to fail
“I watched a local football match in a school
playing ground. As I sat down, I asked one of
the boys what the score was.
With a smile, he replied; “They are leading us
3-0” !
And I said, REALLY!!
I have to say you don’t look discouraged.
“Discouraged?” the boy asked with a puzzled
look …
Why should I be discouraged when the referee
has not blown the final whistle?
I have confidence in the team and the
managers; We shall definitely overcome!
Truly, the match ended 5-4 in favor of the
boy’s team!
He waved at me gently, with a beautiful smile
as he left; I was amazed, mouth wide open;
Such confidence; Such beautiful faith;
As I got back home that night, his question
kept coming back to me:
“Why should I be discouraged when the referee
has not blown the final whistle?”
Life is like a game.
Why should you be discouraged when The
Almighty God is your manager? Why should
you be discouraged, whist there’s still life?
Why should you be discouraged when your
final whistle has not sounded? The truth is
that many people blow the final whistle
But as long as there is life, nothing is
impossible and it is never too late for you.
Half time is not full time and HIS calendar for
your life is not man’s calendar.
Don’t blow the whistle yourself.
With God all things are still possible!”
NeverEverGiveUp. Today is a fresh start with
potentials. .. keep the faith…. keep believing
CHANGE…I call HIM unchangeable Changer.
Don’t give up on GOD because HE wont give
up on you. He’s faithful

Grace : The unmerited favour

   grace favour blessing life unmerited
Do you think marriage is based on beauty alone ? Have you asked yourself why the less beautiful ones are getting married daily while the most beautiful ladies are still searching for a man that will marry them… ? Its called grace!

You were the most intelligent in your secondary school days but you are yet to get admission(+ no sponsors ) but most of your classmates that you were better than are already in their final years, its called Grace.

You read from morning >>night>>dawn for your exams yet when results come out ,friends that copied from your script “word for word” smash A’s and B’s while you manage to escape with an E,D or C (even though you were the supplier ) .its called grace.

You graduated with 1st class but you are still looking for job while your counterparts with second class lower have already gotten one. some call it connection,I call it grace .

Two friends that are qualified go for an interview, one is rejected for one flimsy excuse while the other is accepted . Its called grace.

Grace is simply unmerited favour, it is unusual blessing that you Don’t Deserve. The reason people look down on you is because the grace that you carry has not yet been manifested. Stop blaming your background or others ,you can still make a difference no matter how bad things are right now.
one typical example is Joseph in the Bible ,he was a boy with grace upon his head. Infact It was the grace that was on his head that made his brothers to plan his death. When you carry grace things may not go well at first, you may attract opposition from all sides .so many people may hate and fight you for no just cause but don’t be dismayed . The problems and attacks that you are seeing are only coming to you because you carry something precious. Have you ever seen children casting stones on a mango tree without fruits? No ! ,have you ever seen footballers running after someone without the ball? No ,you only become a target when you carry something precious.
Joseph’s brethren planned his death but Grace saved his life . He was sold into slavery but Grace made him a ruler in the house of potiphar ,everything he touched turned into gold
.due to wrong accusation from his master’s wife he was cast into prison but Grace made him to stand out there. he was a voice that everyone listened. Grace brought him out and made him a king in the land of Egypt.
One interesting quality of grace is that it can make you succeed where others failed. It makes you more successful by giving you MORE for lesser amount of effort.
The difference between you and another person is not the educational or family background , finance , social status ,…. its just a difference of Grace. Everyone has one form of Grace or the other hidden in them, once its activated you are automatically separated from the crowd.

Prayer : Lord let your Grace speak for me ,everywhere ,every time and in everything. let me find unmerited favour in your sight and in the sights of men .in Jesus name I pray amen.

The Blackmail : A moral story

  moral story of blackmail, a sister blackmailing her brother for a mistake he made, God forgives
There was a little boy visiting his
grandparents on their farm.
He was given a slingshot to play with, out in
the woods.
He Practiced in the woods, but he could never
hit the target.
Getting A little discouraged, he headed back
for dinner. As he was Walking back he saw
Grandma’s pet duck.
Just out of impulse, he let the slingshot fly,
hit the duck Square in the head, and killed it.
He was shocked and grieved.
In a panic, he hid the dead duck in the wood
pile, only to see His sister watching! Sally had
seen it all, but she said nothing.
After lunch the next day Grandma said, “Sally,
let’s wash the Dishes.” But Sally said,
“Grandma, Johnny told me he wanted to help
in the kitchen.” Then she whispered to him,
“Remember the duck?” So Johnny did the
Later that day, Grandpa asked if the children
wanted to go Fishing and Grandma said, “I’m
sorry but I need Sally to help make Supper.”
Sally just smiled and said,” Well that’s all
right because Johnny told Me he wanted to
help.” She whispered again, “Remember the
duck?” So Sally Went fishing and Johnny
stayed to help.
After several days of Johnny doing both his
chores and Sally’s, He finally couldn’t stand it
any longer. He came to Grandma and
confessed that he had killed the duck.
Grandma knelt down, gave him a hug, and
said, “Sweetheart, I know. You see, I was
standing at the window and I saw the whole
thing, but because I love you, I forgave you. I
was just wondering how long You would let
Sally make a slave of you.”
Thought for the day and every day thereafter?
Whatever is in your past, whatever you have
done… And the devil Keeps throwing it up in
your face (lying, cheating, debt, fear, bad
Habits, hatred, anger, bitterness, etc.)
….whatever it is….You need to know that God
was standing at the window and He saw the
whole thing….. He has seen your whole life.
He wants you to know that He loves you and
that you are forgiven.
He’s just wondering how long you will let the
devil make you a slave.

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  Very important life lessons
One of the important life lesson
1. Deferring your happiness to the future is a
terrible idea
Too many people presume that when they
have that one thing they can work towards for
years then “everything will be alright”.
This is delusional.
When you get it, there’ll be something else
missing in your life. I fundamentally believe
that long-term pure happiness from one
particular situation or achievement is a pipe-
dream, but we can learn to be content with
what we have, live in the now, all while
enjoying the progress and changes we are
If your whole life is working up towards one
really big major goal that you hold on to for
years, then you will have a major anticlimax
after the dust settles. Work towards it, but
stop deferring your happiness. Take this lesson seriously.
2. Living a good life is the best way possible
to convince people:
Enough words and enough arguing. This is very important because like they say action speaks louder than voice. Just live
by example and soon you’ll have people on
your side when they see your results and how
passionate you are. No need to “convince”
them. Just show them that you are there, tell
them how you got there, and they will start to
realise that maybe you aren’t that crazy after all. They will learn their lesson and adjust accordingly.
3. Nobody has it all figured out. This is one of the important LESSONS life has thought me. Everyone has a problem nomatter how much they try to cover it, this fact has helped to drive home the african proverb which says that the ” he goat sweats but it furs prevents others from seeing it” dont be deceived by the fake smiles and show that almost everyone displays. Dont be deceived by the fake life of most celebrities, dont compare your life to their own because everyone has where the shoe is pinching them.
Nobody has it all figured out
Almost everyone has problems and puts on a
brave face – don’t presume they have it easy.
You see of each person what they let you see.
You have no idea what they are going through
or what they had to put up with to be in a
situation that you can consider “easy”.
This is universal – millionaires, students, the
cool kid, the party animal, the introvert and
everyone in between has more to their story
than the superficial restricted one you see.
Never dismiss them as having it easy if you
don’t know the entire story. Very important!

4. I wonder why most people especially will rather lie than admit that they dont know somethings in life. They is nothing to be ashamed of because no one know it all in life. If you dont know something you should admit it, feel free to ask for help because according to an important african proverb “a traveller that asks questions never misses his destination.
There’s no shame in saying “I don’t know”
There is a stigma in some cultures to admit
ignorance about a particular topic. Don’t
dance around the issue – just say I don’t
know. Honesty is way smarter.
  important things that teacch us painful  lessons in life making us wise.  Foolish money
5. More money will NEVER solve your
As long as you are not living in the street or
going hungry, then you do not “need” more
money. When you spend enough time with
people who are actually living on next to
nothing, but having a full life, then you will
truly understand this. Everything that is
wonderful about life doesn’t cost a penny, and
the rest is way cheaper than you think it is.

 lessons in life that are very important
6. The sixth important life lesson applies to everyone in the information age.
The Internet is the greatest tool ever
available to us, but daily use must be capped
Unlike TVs, the Internet is interactive and
allows you to take part and become virtually
social. It connects communities all over the
world and without it, the last many years
simply would have been much more difficult
for me for many reasons.
Having said that, it has the same potential as
TV to become a black hole of time. Use it to
enrich your life, but put a cap on how much
you use it so you can get out and live that
life. Replacing one screen with another (even
when you use it to chat to people) is just
escaping the real world, which is much more
7. Man’s demands can be insatiable so its very important that you keep it at the back of your mind.
You can’t please everyone
State your opinion and stick to your guns.
Trying to please everyone is a fool’s errand. If
you are confident enough and share your idea
with enough people, you will piss off someone
no matter what you talk about. That’s their
problem, not yours.
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8. Trying to be cool or following trends is for
mindless sheep
Peer pressure is for people who are afraid of
their individuality in life. You are unique. Stand up for yourself, and
go against the flow if that’s what you feel is
best. What’s cool now will be frozen over in a
few years.
9. I wonder why people find it difficult to say this magic words “i’m SORRY” . C’mon its very important that you learn how to make use of it. Swallow your pride and apologise
Never hold a grudge and never try to win every
argument. Sometimes it’s best to let your
pride slide for the sake of clearing the air with
someone. Be the first to say you’re sorry.
Never wait for the other person to make the
first move.
10. Doing anything specifically to impress
people is stupid: Now this is a very important life lesson.
People will never give you the validation you
seek if you try to be a dancing monkey for
them. Saying how many languages you speak,
how rich you are, who you know, where you
studied or what you do for a living, or trying
to show-off in any other way to get someone
to like you, or working for these things just for
the bragging rights will leave you really
People are impressed by those who aren’t
trying to impress them and are comfortable in
themselves and social and interesting.
Sometimes to be “interesting” all you have to
do is be a good listener.
  important things that teacch us painful  lessons in life making us wise.  Foolish money
11. Love isn’t “all” you need, but if you don’t
have it in some form, your life will be very
We don’t need love to survive, but without it
there will be a huge hole inside you. Make
sure that every day you have someone (family,
friends, lover) to remind you that you are
special. In Life If you postpone this part of your life
until later , after you get or do that thing you
want to do, you will continue in that lonely
path indefinitely.
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12. The last life lesson in this list :
You don’t know what you’ve got ’till its
Don’t take anything for granted.
The most valuable lessons in life can never
be expressed in black and white, but must be
You don’t know what you’ve got ’till its

24 Ways of Becoming Successful In Life

  1. Make friends with successful people and
    occasionally buy them gift and surprise them
    with lunch because successful people always
    give and hardly get, so when you give them,
    they value the gift a lot.
  2. Get a mentor and follow his instructions
    and respect the relationship. Never beg your
    mentor for money or disrespect his or her
     24 Ways of becoming Successful In Life
  3. Make new positive friends as often as
    possible and ensure you keep the
    communication line open. Create a network of
    friends and not just connections.
  4. Show kindness to everyone. Some small
    boys today will be big boys tomorrow. The
    biggest dog in the neighborhood was once a
    puppy. And keep the information/secret to
  5. Always plan ahead and be proactive. He
    that plans the future work less in the future.
     24 Ways of Becoming Successful In Life
  6. Listen to speeches and messages from
    great teachers. Both religious and
  7. Attend seminars and training on any area
    you need to improve yourself. Train the
    trainer, personal development, public speaking,
    sales etc.
  8. Have the habit of keeping a pen and a
    writing pad handy because ideas come in the
    form of flashes. The smallest pen is bigger and
    better than the biggest brain.
  9. Make sure at every point in time you are
    reading a book. If you spend 20 minutes
    reading daily, for 52 weeks you would have
    consumed 1,000,000 words.

 24 Ways of Becoming Successful In Life
11.Stay away from television as much as
possible. You can watch educational
channels. Men with big TV sits in front of
them to watch men with big library.
12 Put control over your mouth, never say evil
of any man, what you are not certain of
should not be said. Say good of all men.
13. Always show appreciation for any good
deed you received.


  1. Always help someone in need.
  2. Live a debt free life. What you can’t pay
    cash for is not your size.
  3. Give out loans that you can part with as
    gift, so that you don’t destroy your business
    and relationship.
  4. Create legitimate multiple source of
     24 Ways of Becoming Successful In Life
  5. Save at least 10 percent of your income.

  6. Invest a portion of your income. And be
    patient to see it grow. If what you have in
    your hands is not good to be called a harvest
    then it’s a seed, sow it.
  7. Keep a good financial record of all income
    and expenses, so you won’t ask later “where
    did my money go”
  8. Be involved in community service. Control
    traffic, free lesson class for students etc.
  9. Keep getting better on your daily goals
    and dream, develop yourself on them and
    make sure you get to the top 10 % of your
     24 Ways of Becoming Successful In Life

  10. Make sure you engage in exercise. It keeps
    your brain alert and your body fit to enjoy
    your success.

  11. Pray often, and know that for every
    success, there is a stronger being that made it

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Usain bolt’s new unit of success

 Usain bolt's new unit of success
Usain Bolt has won 9 gold medals in last 3
Olympics and he has ran less than 2 mins on
the track.
That’s economy of effort!!!
Usain Bolt ran for less than 115 secs in total
in his 3 Olympics careers and made 119
million dollars!!!
?That’s more than $1M for each second he
That’s a new unit of speed for the “run” for
money… $1Million/sec.
But for those 2 mins, he trained for 25+
Now that’s what I call investment!!
Question now is, what investment are you
toiling for presently? & how rich will it make
you be in the future
(Food for Thought)



The interview : moral story

  the interview : moral story
 the interview : moral story
One young academically excellent person went
to apply for a managerial position in a big
company. He passed the first interview, the
director did the last interview, made the last
decision. The director discovered from the CV
that the youth’s academic achievements were
excellent all the way, from the secondary
school until the postgraduate research, Never
had a year when he did not score.
The director asked, “Did you obtain any
scholarships in school?” The youth answered
The director asked, “Was it your father who
paid for your school fees?” The youth
answered, “My father passed away when I was
one year old, it was my mother who paid for
my school fees”.
The director asked, “Where did your mother
work?” The youth answered, “My mother
worked as clothes cleaner. The director
requested the youth to show his hands. The
youth showed a pair of hands that were
smooth and perfect”.
The director asked, “Have you ever helped your
mother wash the clothes before?” The youth
answered, “Never, my mother always wanted
me to study and read more books.
Furthermore, my mother can wash clothes
faster than me”.
The director said, “I have a request. When you
go back today, go and clean your mother’s
hands, and then see me tomorrow morning”.
The youth felt that his chance of landing the
job was high. When he went back, he happily
requested his mother to let him clean her
hands. His mother felt strange, happy but with
mixed feelings, she showed her hands to the
kid. The youth cleaned his mother’s hands
slowly. His tear fell as he did that. It was the
first time he noticed that his mother’s hands
were so wrinkled, and there were so many
bruises in her hands. Some bruises were so
painful that his mother shivered when they
were cleaned with water.
This was the first time the youth realized that
it was this pair of hands that washed the
clothes everyday to enable him to pay the
school fee. The bruises in the mother’s hands
were the price that the mother had to pay for
his graduation, academic excellence and his
future. After finishing the cleaning of his
mother’s hands, the youth quietly washed all
the remaining clothes for his mother. That
night, mother and son talked for a very long
time. Next morning, the youth went to the
director’s office.
The Director noticed the tears in the youth’s
eyes, asked: “Can you tell me what have you
done and learned yesterday in your house?”
The youth answered, “I cleaned my mother’s
hand, and also finished cleaning all the
remaining clothes”.
The Director asked, “please tell me your
feelings”. The youth said, “Number 1, I know
now what is appreciation. Without my mother,
there would not the successful me today.
Number 2, By working together and helping
my mother, only I now realize how difficult and
tough it is to get something done. Number 3, I
have come to appreciate the importance and
value of family relationship”.
The director said, “This is what I am looking
for to be my manager. I want to recruit a
person who can appreciate the help of others,
a person who knows the sufferings of others
to get things done, and a person who would
not put money as his only goal in life. You
are hired”. Later on, this young person worked
very hard, and received the respect of his
subordinates. Every employee worked
diligently and as a team. The company’s
performance improved tremendously.
Moral: If one doesn’t understand and
experience the difficulty it takes to earn
the comfort provided by their loved ones,
than they will never value it. The most
important thing is to experience the
difficulty and learn to value hard work
behind all the given comfort.
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moral story of A cunning fox and the foolish goat

  Moral story of A cunning fox and the foolish goat   Moral story of A cunning fox and the foolish goat   Moral story of A cunning fox and the foolish goat
Once a fox was roaming around in the dark.
Unfortunately, he fell into a well. He tried his
level best to come out but all in vain. So, he
had no other alternative but to remain there
till the next morning. The next day, a goat
came that way. She peeped into the well and
saw the fox there. The goat asked “what are
you doing there, Mr. Fox?”
The sly fox replied, “I came here to drink
water. It is the best I have ever tasted. Come
and see for yourself.” Without thinking even
for a while, the goat jumped into the well,
quenched her thirst and looked for a way to
get out. But just like the fox, she also found
herself helpless to come out.
Then the fox said, “I have an idea. You stand
on your hind legs. I’ll climb on your head and
get out. Then I shall help you come out too.”
The goat was innocent enough to understand
the shrewdness of the fox and did as the fox
said and helped him get out of the well.
While walking away, the fox said, “Had you
been intelligent enough, you would never have
got in without seeing how to get out.”
Moral: Look before you leap. Do not just
blindly walk in to anything without thinking.
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A journey to the moon by neil armstrong

 A journey to the moon by neil armstrong
  A journey to the moon by neil armstrong

Someone wrote this motivational message.
I wanna share it here:
History has it that NEIL ARMSTRONG is the
first person to step his foot in the moon. But
do you know who was supposed to be the first
person? Many don’t know…….His name is
He was the Pilot for the Apollo mission. He
was working for the American AirForce.
Moreover, he had experiences of Space
walking, hence, selected as the Pilot.
Neil Armstrong was working for the American
Navy. He was selected for his courage as the
When the Apollo mission landed on the
MOON, they recieved a command from NASA,
‘PILOT FIRST’ but Aldarin was hesitant, “what
will happen, will I got sucked, or will I burn
out, etc”
the hesitation was not for hours but few
minutes. In the meantime, NASA sent the next
command, “CO-PILOT NEXT” within next
second, Neil Armstrong put his foot on the
moon and became part of world history. World
history was changed in just few seconds.
Though, Aldarin had the qualifications and
talent to made world history, because of
hesitation, he is not recognised by many
The world remembers only persons who comes
This is a good example of how people lose out
because of hesitation and fear.
We all have great potential in us, the only
thing that stops us from achieving what we
are supposed to achieve is our hesitation, our
fear and our shyness.
If we fail to do the right things, we will most
likely do the wrong things.
Avoid Hesitation!
Think like an Armstrong and not like an
God Bless You!
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5 possibility thinking rules

  5 possibility thinking rules
In this world of troubles, sometimes you may be faced by problems that are so great that overcoming them looks almost impossible but these are 5 possibility rules you should apply in the face of any challenge.
1. Never reject any possibility because you see something wrong with it. Possibility thinking may look rough or childish but trust me it always works.
 5 possibility thinking rules
2. Never reject an idea because it looks impossible. Giving up on your goals because it looks impossible is one of the greatest mistakes you will ever make in life. If the Orville and Wright brothers gave up on the dreams of constructing airplanes ✈ then transportation by air would have been a fantasy or fairytale today. Dont give on possibility thinking because it looks impossible because you can make history till you attempt to do so that is almost impossible.

  1. Another common mistake is to reject a good idea because your mind is already made up, never reject a possibility idea because your mind is already made up. Be FLEXIBLE TO NEW IDEAS.
     5 possibility thinking rules
    4.never reject a possibility idea because of lack of resource : dont give up on an idea because you don’t have the resources now, just pray and keep on working towards that goal and you will succeed because life has a way of working out in favor of people that are determined.
  2. Finally never reject an idea because it will cause conflict or because it looks as it it will fail.

5 beautiful facts about life problems

  5 beautiful facts about life problems
Life is a struggle ,it often entails survival of the fittest. Its not possible to finish your lifespan on earth without being involved in one sort of trouble or the other but there is a beautiful side to everything. 5 beautiful facts that you should know about life problems includes
 5 beautiful facts about life problems  5 beautiful facts about life problems

1.Everyone has problems : c’mon you dont need to give up or commit suicide. No matter how bad your situation is (always Keep it at the back of your mind that someone has been through similar situations and even worse, and if they were able to pull through so can you) . Cheer up, your case is not the worst on earth. Everyone including the rich and powerful also have their problem. According to a yoruba proverb >the he goat also sweats but its furs hides it from the world, don’t be deceived by celebrity smiles.

  1. Another beautiful fact is that every problem has an expiry date: no condition is permanent so you don’t have to give up because with time it can only get better.
     5 beautiful facts about life problems
  2. Every problem holds positive possibilities, the best things in life usually come after a little storm. There is always a silver lining at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Every problem will the potential to change your life, mindset, environment and condition but it is in your hand to choose what the problem will do to you. If you see yourself as a failure or if you allow your problems to push you into committing suicide then you are a STUPID FOOL.

5.There is a positive and negative reaction to every problem. If you react positively you will be the winner in the end because tough times never last but tough people do.

5 effective ways of managing life problems positively

 5 ways of managing life problems positively and effectively
Having problems in life is normal but how badly or how good it will turn out to be depends on how you manage your problems. If you manage it effectively it will lead to positive outcomes but if you don’t the reverse will be the case. 5 ways of managing life problems positively includes 1.don’t underestimate your problem : the most common mistakes that humans make is underestimating their problems. it makes you more vulnerable and unprepared for the problem though you would have been up to the task up to the task if you had correctly estimated your problem. E.g i’m not too fat no need to worry about losing weight!. If you discover a problem start handling it immediately when it is still in trickles, dont wait for it to grow into a mighty flood because little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. 2.Exaggeration : although underestimating your problems is more dangerous but exaggerating is equally dangerous. That you lost your job doesn’t mean that you can’t get another, that you failed an exam doesn’t make you a fool, that you failed in a business venture doesn’t mean that you are a failure in life. According to God’spower excellence “BEING KNOCKED DOWN BY LIFE DOESN’T MAKE YOU A FAILURE BUT IF YOU REFUSE TO GET UP AND CONTINUE FIGHTING THEN YOU ARE DEFINITELY A FAILURE”.  5 ways of managing life problems positively

  1. dont wait, patience is not a virtue if you sit back and wait for the problem to solve itself.
  2. Another rule of managing life problems positively and and effectively is this “DONT GET TOO EMOTIONAL”. The less emotional you get the less disappointments you will encounter in life. Emotions like fear, doubt, hatred and anger will only compound your problems, try to avoid them. Another emotion that you should avoid is WORRY. worrying can not solve your problems it only makes your troubles double according to klind-d-drunk.

5 . change your mindset, pray because it works,calm down and think logically for possible solutions to your problem and work towards it.
   5 ways of managing life problems positively and effectively

my favorite beautiful silence quotes

This is a compilation of my favorite beautiful silence quotes that i saw on net! But before you start reading This i recommend that you read the power of silence and a smile as weapons in

The beautiful quotes include
 beautiful silence quotes

“Silence and smile are two
powerful tools. Smile is the way
to solve many problems and
silence is the way to avoid many
“Silence is golden when you can’t
think of a good answer.”-
Muhammad Ali
“The quieter you become, the
more you are able to hear.”
“Silence is the most powerful
“Those who know do not speak.
Those who speak do not know.”
“Silence is a fence around
wisdom.”-German Proverb
“In the End, we will remember not
the words of our enemies, but the
silence of our friends.”-Martin
Luther King, Jr
“The tree of silence bears the fruit
of peace.” – Arabian Proverb
“Silence is as deep as eternity;
speech, shallow as time.”
“Silence is a true friend who never
“My silence means I’d rather talk
to myself than you.”
“Spiteful words can hurt your
feelings, but silence breaks the
“Silence is better than unmeaning
“He who does not understand
your silence will probably not
understand your words.”-Elbert
“Words can make a deeper scar
than silence can heal.”
“There are times when silence is
the best way to yell at the top of
your voice.”
“Laughter will always be the best
medicine, silence will always be
the best revenge, and love will
always be all you need.”
“If talk is cheap, then being silent
is expensive. And many people it
seems, can’t afford to buy into it.”
“Sometimes, the most meaningful
things are found through silence.”
“Silence is the best way to answer
a fool.”
“Well timed silence has more
eloquence than speech.”
“Silence is the language of God,
all else is poor translation.”
“True silence is the rest of the
mind; it is to the spirit what sleep
is to the body, nourishment and
“Keep your mouth closed until
your mind is in gear.”
“Men of few words are the best
men.”-William Shakespeare
“When silence is used as a
weapon it can wound even more
than words.”-Jill Thrussell
“Silence is sometimes the best
answer.”- Dalai Lama
“Some hearts understand each
other even in silence.”
“Work hard in silence. Let success
be your noise.”
“The wiser a man is, the less
talkative will he be.”
“If you don’t understand my
silence then you don’t deserve my
“Open your mouth only if what
you are going to say is more
beautiful than silence.”
“God speaks in the silence of the
heart. Listening is the beginning
of prayer.”- Mother Teresa
“Silence is golden until you have
kids, then silence is suspicious.”
“Speaking comes by nature,
silence by understanding.”
“Silence speaks when words
“Silence is the source of great

37 Famous Quotes about Power of Silence

the power of silence and a smile as weapons in life

 the power of silence and a smile as weapons in

there are lots of powerful weapons that people use in their day to day activities but silence and smiles are the most powerful weapons in the world but people fail to realize how powerful silence can be . when you talk too much and your words seems to be ineffective why don’t you try silence ?
Successful people have two things on their lips,
“smile and silence”. Smile can solve problem while Silence can avoid problems. Sugar and salt may be mixed together but ants reject the salt and carry away only the sugar. Select the right people in life and make your life better and sweeter. If you fail to achieve your dreams, change your ways not your God. Remember, trees change their leaves and not their roots. You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones to every dog that barks. Haters will see you walking on water and say its because you can’t swim. Even if you dance on water, your enemies will accuse you of raising dust.
   the power of silence and a smile as weapons in
Make it your ambition to live a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your own hands. Remember, don’t ever wrestle with a pig.
You’ll both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it. — Be Inspired and have a pleasant sleep.
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written by Christina

learning when to be silent is a sign of maturity in life ,learning how to smile is an incredible weapon learn how to use it!

Ten things successful people do that makes them successful in life

I have seen lots of people suffering even when they are very hardworking while some are more successful than others in life even when their hard work is not as strenous and cumbersome as that of others that has been working very hard and yet they are still failing. Well life is always full of suprises but according to an igbo adage “when a bird learns to fly without perching a hunter will also learn how to fly without perching” . According to one ancient philosopher if “you keep doing the same thing the same way all the time you will keep getting the same results” so i started wondering if they were doing some things differently that made them to be getting different results and that was how i came up with the idea of ten things that successful people do differently that made them to be successful in life and they include
1. They Know That Time Is Their Most
Valuable Asset
They don’t let others make them invest time in
activities they consider boring and counter-
productive to their self-development. You
shouldn’t do that either. When you think that
something is a waste of your time, don’t do it.
Your time is an asset that IS NOT INFINITE.
Nobody on this planet has unlimited time, yet
people tend to spend their time like garbage.
The first thing you MUST DO if you want to
change your life, become more successful, and
achieve your goals is to change your
perception of time. Realize that your time is
not infinite and that you should spend it
wisely, because it doesn’t come back.
2. They Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone
The only path to personal growth is doing
things that make you feel awkward. When all
you do is walk inside your comfort zone, you
can’t grow as a person. You stay static
because your activities can’t change you. If
what you do doesn’t challenge you, if it’s not
uncomfortable and difficult, then you should
raise your standards and increase the game
difficulty. You can’t build muscle if all you do
is lift feathers. You have to lift heavy rocks.
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7. They Embrace Failures
Phenomenally successful people carry the
belief that failures are the stepping stones to
success. Each failure yields rewards bigger
than a win because it can offer you an
invaluable life lesson. Start seeing your
failures as an opportunity to become better
instead of letting them bring you down and
disappoint you.
8. They Surround Themselves With Winners
Jim Rohn has said that “you are the average
of the 5 people you spend the most time
with.” People with who you associate play a
significant role in your life because they form
your lifestyle and beliefs. If you are around
people who are full of negativity, you won’t be
able to maintain positive thoughts. On the
other hand, if you are around people who write
down their goals, focus on daily improvement,
and dress to impress, you will be pushed to
become the best version of yourself. Surround
yourself only with like-minded people who
have big dreams and are eager to take the
necessary steps to achieve them. They will
take you to the top with them.
9. They Don’t Seek The Perfect Moment, They
Make a Random Moment Perfect
What are you waiting for? The right moment
will never come. The circumstances will never
be ideal, and if you wait for tomorrow to get
started, it will never come. Tomorrow is just
an excuse for inertia. There is no perfect
moment. What matters is to get started as
soon as possible and make the best out of
what you have.
10. They Don’t Brag, They Listen
Successful people are ALWAYS eager to learn
new things. They ask questions and they listen
carefully to other people’s advice. They
usually don’t talk too much because they are
focused on listening and processing
information. On the other hand, losers always
speak about how much they know and how
amazing their accomplishments are. They are
so blinded by their need for acceptance that
the only thing they care about is to brag
about what they know. And in most cases,
they just talk the talk. They don’t walk the
11. They Know That Education is a Constant
Do you believe that you should stop learning
when you finish school or college? If the
answer is yes, then it’s crucial to change that
belief before it’s too late. Education shouldn’t
stop at school or college; you should learn
new things every single day. It isn’t a
coincidence that the most successful people
are those who have read countless books and
have spent a lifetime acquiring new skills.
12. They Help Other People
Success isn’t about caring for your selfish
needs. It’s about caring for the needs of
others. EVERY successful person
accomplished his goals because what he did
really helped others in some way. Mark
Zuckerberg gave the world a tool that made it
easy to connect with their friends. Larry Page
and Sergey Brin gave world a system (Google)
that made it easy to find unlimited
information in milliseconds. Famous singers
and actors help people by fulfilling their
emotional needs. If you want to succeed in
life, you shouldn’t focus on yourself, you
should focus on how you can improve other
people’s lives!
13. They Have The Courage to Say NO
This is actually a quality that really separates
the winners from the losers.When you are not
afraid to say no, you have already avoided the
need to please everyone. Trying to please
everybody is impossible and can only lead to
disappointment. When you don’t want to do
something, just say no without apologizing for
your decision.
14. Successful People Take Ownership Of Their
Most people make the mistake of pointing
fingers to others for their faults. They never
accept responsibility for their actions and
always believe that someone else is
responsible for their misery. Targeting others
for your frustrations won’t help you achieve
your goals, it can only hurt other people’s
feelings or even create enemies. In fact, your
actions or your inertia is what actually
determines the quality of your life. Blaming
others is just an excuse to avoid the hard
work needed to change your life. Stop blaming
others and take care of your future, because it
depends only upon YOUR ACTIONS.

five important reasons why you should have blunt friends

Human nature basically hates criticism, no one wants to be told the truth when it hurts but if you want to go far in life then you should learn to keep blunt friends . A blunt friend is a friend that tells you the truth all the time even when it hurts but keeping blunt friends will help you not to be making unnecessary mistakes , it keeps you on your toes . Do you know that if a friend praises you all the time without telling you that you are wrong when you go wrong then its either the person is a psychophant or an enemy in disguise . Here are some of the reasons why you should make sure that you have atleast 2 or 3 that are blunt when it comes to saying the truth even when it hurts as friends…
( 10 qualities of a true friend )
1. They can save you from making mistakes that you would have made due to lack of unbiased advice. A blunt friend is a true friend!
( a very touching story )
2. They save you from fashion faux pas: I used to watch some girls that dress up like monkeys in miniskirts with faces that is glistening with the seven colours of the rainbow all in the name of applying makeup (cosmetics) , they dress up ,leave their houses and lodges to go to lectures ,fellowships and other events without knowing how they look like all because they asked the wrong friend that refused to tell them how they really looked . A blunt friend can save you from embarrassing yourself in public due to wrong fashion because they will always tell you the truth.
the type of friends that you keep matters
3. Their observations can be witty and funny.

4.you can count on them when you are in trouble: one of the things that I have learnt in life is that the true friends that will stand by you in your times of trial are not the ones with sugarcoated tongues but the blunt ones that keeps on telling you the truth even when you were carried away by glittering objects that looked like gold but were really fake.
( awful things that married men do

5.You know exactly where you stand with
( advice from a father to his son )

the story of an aged mother with her son in a resturant

A son took his old mother to a Restaurant
for an
evening dinner. Mother being very old and
while eating, dropped food on her clothes.
dinners watched her in disgust while her
son was
calm. After she finished eating, her son who
not at all embarrassed, quietly took her to
wash room, wiped the food particles,
the stains, combed her hair and fitted her
spectacles firmly. When they came out, the
entire restaurant was watching them in
not able to grasp how someone could
themselves publicly like that. The son settled
bill and started walking out with his mother.
that time, an old man amongst the dinners
out to the son and asked him, “Don’t you
you have left something behind?”. The son
replied, “No sir, I haven’t”. The old man
“Yes, you have! You left a lesson for every
and hope for every mother” The restaurant
silent. A wish of every mum. My mum had to
bear the shame of me embarrassing her
when i
was little, i see no reason why i can’t do the
same for her. The love of parents to their
children as well as their labor to them will
be in vain. Oh God! bless our mothers and
them sound health, pour Your unlimited
and favor to them in this present world and
Hereafter. Amen!

be grateful and thankful for the things that you have

Ungratefulness is a sin, its callous and evil! No matter how bad things are be thankful because it could have been worse.
If you are SINGLE and you keep on saying “I
your mates are getting married every
Let me ask you, are they marrying spirits?
2. If you are MARRIED and keep saying “I
THIS MARRIAGE!” OK! Is it not married people
like you that are celebrating Gold, Silver and
even Platinum jubilee? Be grateful to God for your husband or wife and then try your best to make your marriage to work ,
3. If you keep on ranting, ”I’M LEAVING MY
HE CHEATED ON ME!” Please, go to town and
see all the fine, cute, sexy, hot, hungry and
desperate chicks waiting to snatch your man’s
money and property, they don’t even mind
sharing. Make it work, my friend! Be thankful and grateful because of your man, atleast you have a man no matter how bad he is or how bad he looks because to have a man that you can call your own is something to be proud of.
4. Stop saying “I HATE MY JOB!” Look! 20
people are jobless and can’t even find any not
talk of keeping it! Do you want to join them? Be grateful to God for the job that you have while you strive towards getting another so that he will bless the works of your hands.
5. You keep saying “I HATE WHERE I LIVE!”
please! tears Try visiting those locations
are flooding now, people leaving in tin/zinc
shacks in winter or people living/sleeping
the bridge at night and you will be grateful to
God that you even have a place to stay! Learn how to say thank you jesus!
6. Some say “I AM TIRED OF THIS LIFE!” Well,
go to the hospital and see people fighting for
their lives! Go to the mortuary and take a look
then tell me what you feel after that! The point
is, be positive and believe in God, that’s all
matters. Be Blessed.
realize the value of a sister/brother ask
Who doesn’t have one. Be grateful, be grateful, be grateful!
To realize the value of ten years: Ask a newly
divorced couple.
To realize the value of four years: Ask a
To realize the value of one year: Ask a student
who Has failed a final exam.
To realize the value of nine months: Ask a
mother who gave birth to a stillborn.
To realize the value of one month: Ask a
Who has given birth to a premature baby.
To realize the value of one week: Ask an editor
of a weekly newspaper.
To realize the value of one minute: Ask a
Who has missed the train, bus or plane.
To realize the value of one second: Ask a
Who has survived an accident. Time waits for
one. Treasure every moment you have.
Remember. Hold on tight to the ones u love…

Learn how to be grateful for the things that you have no matter how little they seem. Be thankful!

(i used the word thankful for emphasis)

img src=”http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTk00L0kQOS1_Va6xS-cqHL6BX4ve0Q3OZtqAHfaK6gBJE3IhtRq0pC–4″ border=”0″>

the spiders web

During World War II, a soldier was separated
from his unit on an island.
The fighting had been intense, and in the
smoke and the crossfire he had lost touch
with his comrades. Alone in the jungle, he
could hear enemy soldiers coming in his
Scrambling for cover, he found his way up a
high ridge to several small caves in the rock.
Quickly he crawled inside one of the caves.
Although safe for the moment, he realised that
once the enemy soldiers looking for him swept
up the ridge, they would quickly search all the
caves and he would be killed.
As he waited, he prayed, “Lord, please spare
my life. Whatever will happen, I love you and
trust you. Amen.” After praying, he lay quietly
listening to the enemy begin to draw close. He
thought, “Well, I guess the Lord isn’t going to
help me out of this one.”
Then he saw a spider begin to build a web
over the front of his cave.
“Hah” he thought, “What I need is a brick wall
and what the Lord has sent me is a spider
web. God does have a sense of humour.”
As the enemy drew closer he watched from the
darkness of his hide out and could see them
searching one cave after another. As they
came to his, he got ready to make his last
stand, but then he heard the leader of the
soldiers say: “you may as well ignore looking
in this cave …if he had entered here this web
would be broken!” So they left and he was
To his amazement, however, after glancing in
the direction of his cave, they moved on.
Suddenly he realised that with the spider web
over the entrance, his cave looked as if no one
had entered for quite a while. “Lord, forgive
me,” he prayed. “I had forgotten that in you a
spider’s web is stronger than a brick wall. He
will use the most foolish things in this world
to confound the wise!
God is your protector, if you believe in him.
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ten types of Christians that puts a smile on jesus’s face

Are you a true Christian that is only interested in doing things that pleases jesus In this world of sin and evil? Well even though it’s a little bit hard but it is still possible to do things that pleases God. Below is a list of ten types of Christians that pleases God by putting a smile on his face.
10 Kinds Of Christians That Puts A Smile On God’s Face.
1. The Believing Ones
Believing is Faith in action. Mike Murdock noted, “nothing excites God
more than when we believe Him and nothing hurts him more than
when we doubt Him”. Hebrews 11:6, Without faith, we can’t please
God. Believing God is the Number One to putting a smile on Jesus.
2. The Merciful/ Forgiving Ones
You remember that unmerciful servant in the Bible? His master had
mercy on him and forgave his debt but he couldn’t reciprocate that to
his neighbour. God had mercy on us and went out of His way by
sending His Son- Jesus. He smiles when we get out of our cocoons to
helping others.
3. The Grateful Ones
Being grateful is being thankful. When we are truly grateful, we give
thanks to God. When only that blind man discovered he was healed
and returned to give thanks to Jesus, he was made whole!
4. The Loving Ones
God is love. Whenever we show love to people, we resemble God in
character. The truth is, I don’t measure a Christian by how much he/
she prays but how they love- their families, neighbours, friends etc.
5. The Cheerful Ones
Yipee! If you’re truly saved, you’ll be cheerful. These folks never go
about with a “long face”, they trust God to meet their needs and solve
their problems. This is why they are always cheerful.
6. The Humble Ones
That is why God raises them (James 4:6-7). He loves them. They are
not proud nor arrogant. They don’t go about blowing their trumpet
either. Remember Moses.
7. The Obedient Ones
They do not argue God’s Word. Like Abraham, they are prompt to
actually obeying God. Commands like Tithing don’t bother them. They
are well aware of the hazard of delayed obedience.
8. The “Soul Winning” Ones
Going about preaching the gospel is supposed to be the duty of every
believer. Some now believe “displaying their body parts” can be used
to “entice” and at the long run win the lost. Odikwa Risky! It’s well o!
Errm…that’s not Soul winning sha o…That’s “husband winning”. Soul
winning is God’s business- when we do His business, He is happy.
9. The “Sincere” Ones
By “Sincere” I mean Open and Honest. Being sincere was why the
Bible said, He that covers is sin shall not prosper. God is not Over
Expecting from us. He knows us. Stop forming “Jackie Chan” for God.
Tell Him your weaknesses because He already knows them however.
This reason is why some do not confess their wrong doings. They feel
asking for mercy is a sign of Babyhood. While that is kinda true, you
need to know you’re still a baby at least before God. When you lose
your temper or lust after a girl or a guy, ask for mercy. Don’t sweep it
under the carpet. One can go to hell for such nonchalance and
negligence. God loves those who see Him as Father/ Friend enough to
be sincere to Him. He loves that.
10. The Generous Ones
This being no. 10 doesn’t reduce its relevance. As a matter of truth,
God loves the Cheerful giver. Every giver has a place in God’s heart
(Christian or not). Giving to the “needy” world makes you a man God
needs. Remember Acts 10. Ananias was an unbeliever but was a
giver. He gave alms frequently. God loved him so dearly and had to
go draw him in to His body. That’s why I know, Bill Gates and other
billionaire philanthropists will soon get saved in no time. Well, you
can start with your tithe and offerings.
From there, you will grow to bigger things like Seed sowing, giving to
the poor, parents, prisons etc. Givers never lack because God (the
owner of the blessings) makes sure they don’t. Your “spirituality” isn’t
a substitute here! If you like, tie your ear, wear long skirt, speak in
German tongues, fast for 100 days…if you’re not a giver (of cash and
other substances), you won’t attract this kind of blessing from God.
So so so…we’re not perfect, we are all getting there. May we arrive
and keep improving In jesus name amen!.. 0

God’spower excellence nwachukwu

jesus christ
jesus christ

Urgent reasons why you should start living a honest life

    Urgent reasons why you should start living a
honest life
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1.Honesty promotes authenticity.Honesty is a reflection of your own thoughts and feelings. If you want people to know who you really are, be honest in your self-expression.
2.Honesty fosters courage. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is doing what you know you want or need to do, despite your fear. It takes an immense amount of courage to say what you feel. It is often difficult and takes practice and patience, but he payoffs are enormous.
3.Honesty shows you care. Being honest with yourself and with others shows how much you really care. It also demonstrates self-respect and respect for others. A caring attitude makes people stop and think. Gentle honesty is also very attractive and appealing.
4.Honesty creates a circle of love. Honesty sets an example that invites others to imitate. When others respond with honesty, it can create more interpersonal closeness and authenticity. This often translates into love and can create an ongoing evolution of loving relationships.

5.Honesty shows maturity and self-acceptance. There can often be hurt and pain associated with honesty. A mature person conveys honest expression in a style that minimizes painful impact. When others are hurt, the mature, self-accepting person remains in the relationship to work through any pain experienced by the other person.
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6.Honesty fosters a connection.Honesty can bring people closer by creating a safe connection. It forms a context for the relationship within which both parties feel secure enough to be genuine in their interactions. Such a relationship can invite and empower each party to work through some highly personal issues.
7.Honesty feels exhilarating because it is so freeing. Being authentic and saying what you feel and think feels great! By doing so, you break free of the limitations of fear.
8.Honesty eliminates garbage. Hiding true feelings or withholding information creates emotional garbage. This is known as gunnysacking, which requires a lot of self-defeating energy. Being honest from the beginning of any interaction prevents the build-up of emotional garbage and cleans out your emotional gunnysack.
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9.Honesty attracts honesty. If honesty becomes an unconscious habit, you will become very attractive to other honest people. A life filled with authentic people is vastly enriched.
10.Honesty can keep you out of trouble. We all know how you can dig yourself deeper into a hole with lies and deceit. So from the start, don’t even go there. Keep a clean slate by staying honest, especially when you fear the anticipated consequences.
Now that you know the benefits of honesty, the following questions will help you explore how much you value honesty. It shows up in all sorts of communications. Often it’s about our dealings with others, but it begins with how honest we are with ourselves.

advice! must read for all undergraduates

There are about 1.4 million young Nigerians
who are
waiting to hear that word congratulations;
waiting to
receive an admission letter that begins with it.
Sadly, only about 700,000 of these students
receive the good news. But getting admission
the tertiary institution is just a tip of the
The sad fate of students, who have been
unable to
complete their tertiary education for reasons
ranging from peer pressure, cultism, drugs and
alcohol abuse to pure laziness should serve as
example to fresh students, but this is not
the case.
Many fresh students still fall victims of these
Some other times, challenges could be as
minor as
the most affordable way to get food or the
ways to save your money.
Living conditions
Reports say that only about 25 % of Nigerian
University students live on campus. This
that for every student who lives on campus,
are three others who face the stressful task of
commuting to and from school every day.
Staying off campus isn’t just stressful, it could
sometimes be dangerous. Most incidents of
violence usually take place off campus.
But if you can’t make the 25%, and need to
stay in
an off campus hostel, don’t be alarmed.
However, ensure that you do your best to
investigate your off campus hostel. What sort
people stay there? What’s the security like?
Be sure
to begin searching as soon as possible to get
best deals available. If you need to share rent
board with someone else, do your best to find
about your future roommate’s character.
Choose friends wisely
You have probably heard it time and time
again that
bad company corrupts good manners. It might
sound like a cliché to you; but it’s probably
because it’s true. No, you will not get special
grades for making friends with the most
people on campus. So don’t be so desperate
you can do anything for
Take out time to pick friends that can spur
you on
morally and academically. Remember that
campus streets may sometimes seem like a
set, you’re there to get a BSc, not an Oscar for
‘Best Friendship on set.’
Start studying on time
It could be pretty overwhelming when you get
school for the first time. There are lots of new
places to learn about…let the library being one
Apart from registration and some periodic
orientation programmes, your first few weeks
be the freest you’ll ever be in your schooling
Too early for trouble
There are so many things you need to prove
you get into school. That you can break the
and get away with it is not one of them. The
about trouble is that your record tends to stay
you and put you into more and more trouble.
If you
don’t know the rules and regulations of the
institution you are about to enter, find out,
and if
you can’t take the heat, don’t take the
Ask any parent; it’s more honourable to have
a child
stay at home than to have him expelled or
Watch your pocket
Cut your cloth according to your size. Don’t
money because other people are doing the
Budget properly before spending a kobo;
appropriate for giving, spending and saving.
Activism with caution
Of course, you should not hesitate to fight for
rights. But be sure to do so within the rules
regulations of your institution, and without
and threats.
This Boyfriend-Girlfriend thing
On campus, you will most likely be surrounded
more members of the opposite sex than you
ever been in your entire life. The choice
whether or
not to enter a relationship as soon as you get
school is yours. But bear in mind that you
get your priorities right, right from the start.
source: http://myschool.com.ng/school/

the power behind the throne

A bus full of passengers was travelling while suddenly the weather changed and there was a huge downpour and lightening all around.
They could see that the lightening would appear to come towards the bus and then go elsewhere.
After 2 or 3 horrible instances of being saved from lightening, the driver stopped the bus about fifty feet away from a tree and said –
“We have somebody in the bus whose death is a certainty today.”
Because of that person everybody else will also get killed today.
Now listen carefully what I am saying ..
I want each person to come out of bus one by one and touch the tree trunk and come back.
Whom so ever death is certain will get caught up by the lightening and will die & everybody else will be saved”.
They had to force the 1st person to go and touch the tree and come back.
He reluctantly got down from the bus and went and touched the tree.
His heart leaped with joy when nothing happened and he was still alive.
This continued for rest of the passengers who were all relieved when they touched the tree and nothing happened.
When the last passenger’s turn came, everybody looked at him with accusing eyes.
That passenger was very afraid and reluctant since he was the only one left.
Everybody forced him to get down and go and touch the tree.
With a 100% fear of death in mind, the last passenger walked to the tree and touched it.
There was a huge sound of thunder and the lightening came down and hit the bus – YES the lightening hit the bus, and killed each and every passenger inside the bus.
It was because of the presence of this last passenger that, earlier, the entire bus was safe and the lightening could not strike the bus.
LIFE LEARNING from this..
At times, we try to take credit for our present achievements, but this could also be because of a person right next to us.
Look around you – Probably someone is there around you, in the form of Your Parents, Your Spouse, Your Children, Your Siblings, Your friends, Your Colleagues, etc, who are saving you from harm..!
Think About it..
You will surely find that Person..!!
”Alone I can ‘Say’ but
together we can ‘talk’.
‘Alone I can ‘Enjoy’ but
together we can
‘Alone I can ‘Smile’ but
together we can ‘Laugh’.
That’s the BEAUTY of
Human Relations.
We are nothing without
each other
Stay Connected!! .

tina cielo